Top 5 Shaving Mugs for Your Safety Razor

You're a wet shaving enthusiast that needs a shaving mug to go with their safety razor. A shaving mug is a core accessory to your shaving routine. While you could lather up right on your cheeks its not the best method.

Learning how to mix up a good lather will improve your shaving experience. A little tip you can use with your shaving mug is to learn how to make Uber Lather. It's the best lather you'll ever shave with.​

How to Lather Shave Soap in a Mug

Step 1) Soak Your Brush - fill your shaving mug with warm water and let your brush soak inside for a minute or two. I like to let my brush soak while I take a shower. I recommend a quality boar brush if you don't already have one.

Step 2) Once the brush is nicely soaked or after your shower empty the water from your mug. Leave only a small amount about a teaspoon size amount of water. Shake your brush to remove any excess water lingering around. Your brush shouldn't be dripping water.

Step 3) Soften the shave soap - This is an important step in order to make a good lather. Add a little hot water on top of the soap to soften it. It's best to do this around the same time you remove your brush from the mug.​

Step 4) Take your brush and begin swirling it on the soap. Continue swirling for up to 15 seconds. Once your brush is covered in soap it's time to start the lather.

Step 5) Grab your shave mug that has a little water left in it. Take your brush and swirl it inside the mug. Continue this for about 1 minute. You'll begin to see the lather forming. It'll be bubbly in the beginning but continue swirling until it thickens up.​

Step 6) Check your lather and see how it's formed. Hopefully it's a perfect lather and you're ready to begin shaving. If it's still to bubbly you'll need to continue swirling until it gets thick enough to use. If the lather is to thick then pour a few drops of water into your mug and swirl again.

If you need to add water only add it in very small amounts. You don't want your lather becoming to watery. Once you're achieved a good lather you're ready to go!​ Here's some additional tips for lathering shave soap.

Shave Mug Vs Shave Bowl

What's the real difference between a shave mug and a shave bowl. Is one better at one thing compared to the other? Should you be using a shave bowl instead?

The main difference in the two is a mug gives you something to grip on, but as less space on the inside while a shave bowl doesn't have anything to grip, but has a larger inside area to make lather.​

It really comes down to your personal preference or maybe just how you were taught to wet shave. You might prefer one over the other based on how it looks in your home or maybe you like shave bowls because they usually have a lid.​

Either way I recommend you pick up one or the other to assist you in your shave efforts. You could use any old mug around the home, but then it wouldn't have the fancy grip nob or wet shaving logo would it?​

Our 5 Favorite Shaving Mugs

There's a lot of different shaving mugs to choose from but these 5 are our favorites. We've based our shaving mug review based on the quality of the mug. Factors like added utility, design, and pricing are our secondary factors for choosing these mugs.

Mustache Shaving Mug

Shaving Mug with Mustache by Untold Goods, Classy Ceramic Shave Soap Bowl with Handles, Made For Any...
  • SHAVING BOWL - Not only the most practical and well-made ceramic shaving bowl, shaving cream bowl, or straight razor shaving bowl on the market, it's also the most classy: it has a mustache.
  • CLASSY MUSTACHE MUG - This great mustache mug is a spiffy addition to any shaving kit or set, with a crisp white background, black lip and shave bowl, two handles, and a nifty moustache icon on the...
  • LATHER UP SHAVING CREAM BOWL - With a wide opening and good volume, this shaving cream bowl lets you create lots of lather while keeping a good grip on either or both side handles while you're...
  • SIZED TO SUIT - Pick your favorite soap to use, grab your mustachioed mug and shave away. Our Mustache Shaving Bowl is sized to fit most shave soap replacement pucks, measuring 4.125" wide (excluding...
  • GREAT AS A GIFT - Need a groomsmen gift? Done. Grab bag gift? Done. Surprise gift for your boss? Well, that may be a bit over the top, but for the dapper, the dandy, and any dude with facial hair to...

I really like this shave mug. It adds a lot of style to the bathroom and looks great next to my safety razor and boar brush. It's a ceramic mug so the durability is mid level but will be fine if taken care of. In fact it'll last a very long time if taken care of.


The design on this shaving mug is one of my favorites. It's a simple mustache but with the tan tone and black inside it looks really good. I've looked through a couple pictures where people have this on their sink and it always looks great.

Overall Value

The mustache shave mug is priced evenly with the majority of other mugs on the market. You're getting more style in this mug and overall I think it's a good quality mug. The price to quality ratio is pretty good so overall it's a good purchase.

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Mug

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With Handle, Black
  • Ideal for use with many hard shaving soap refills
  • Wonderful accompaniment for any wet shaving routine
  • A must for shaving brush users
  • Used with quality shaving soap and hot water whip up a rich lather for wet shaving
  • Excellent gift for a wet shaving man

This Edwin Jagger shaving mug is like is considered the luxury end of mugs. It measures around 3.5" high, made from porcelain, and comes in a very nice box if you're getting it as a gift. I really like the Edwin Jagger brand and style and this mug is perfect for brush shavers.


This is a ball grip design mug. The ball grip design is very popular with wet shavers. It lets you mix your lather while keeping a good grip on the mug. The 3 ring design on the top and bottom of the mug give it an elegant look and it had the Edwin Jagger logo center of the mug.

Overall Value

This shave mug is more expensive than most. I'd place it on the luxury side of this market. You're paying a little extra to have something from Edwin Jagger. Though if you're using an Edwin Jagger safety razor I'd get the mug to match.

Henry Cavendish Shave Mug

Henry Cavendish Gentleman's Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle. Enhance Your Shave with the Best...
  • Lifetime warranty if not Satisfied. (Accidental breakage is not covered.)
  • Ceramic Shaving Mug. Large enough for 2 or 3 pucks (Microwave to melt pucks to fit).
  • Wide enough to whip up a Large Rich Cloud of Foam. Best used with a soap puck. The Perfect Partner to Henry Cavendish Shaving Soap and the Henry Cavendish Gentleman's 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush.
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Click on the add to cart button, up and to the right on this page, NOW!

The Henry Cavendish brand isn't as well known as most others. They've got some pretty good products though. This is a ceramic shave mug that's large enough for about 2 - 3 pucks. It's large enough to whip up a large rich cloud of foam.


This is another ball grip design that's always nice to have. Easy to hold onto while mixing up your lather. It's a simple black design with Henry Cavendish logo. Overall in design it's very similar to the Edwin Jagger.

Overall Value

This mug is a really good high value mug. It's missing some of the inner ridges that help mix up a lather, but it's around half the price of the Edwin Jagger. The price to quality ratio is very good here and this will make a great shave mug.

Marvy Shaving Mug

Marvy Rubber Shaving Mug (Green)
  • The very best in shaving mugs
  • Made of unbreakable rubber
  • Will not chip, crack, slip, or slide
  • Exquisite green color
  • Easy to wash

This Marvy shaving mug is a low priced mug that won't break! A big issue with shaving mugs that are ceramic or other hard material is they get chipped or broken. The Marvy shave mug is made completely out of rubber and won't be breaking.


There's nothing amazing about this mug. It's your standard handle and mug design. The main draw here is the fact it's a rubber mug. Easy to clean and won't break.

Overall Value

Considering the odds of having to purchase a new shaving mug after this one is rather low. That makes this rubber shaving mug a really good value. It's well priced and won't need any replacing anytime soon.

Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Mug

Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid - Satisfaction Guarnteed Designed in Austria
  • BEAUTIFUL: Attractive Design, Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid - The ORIGINAL Schöne Bowl
  • Holds All Brands of Your Favorite Shaving Soap SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
  • STAINLESS STEEL: for Durability and Easy Clean Up Attractive Polished Stainless Steel Finish
  • Perfect Size for Popular Shaving Soaps 3.5 Inches at the Top and Almost 4 Inches at the Bottom 2.25 Inches Deep
  • Great gift! Perfect For Birthdays, Fathers day, Valentines day, boyfriends, dads or brothers!

Alright you've caught me! This is a shaving bowl, but I liked it enough where I had to include it. It's smart to have a stainless steel option. It fits the majority of safety razors and its classic look with lid will look great on any counter top.


The stainless steel bowl with matching lid looks like it fits in your grandpa's era. The great thing is it still looks good today. The thing about shave bowls there's no handle to hold onto when mixing your lather. Just a minor convenience issue really.

Overall Value

The bowl is the same price as other mid-range shaving mugs. That makes it a good value and who doesn't like the stainless steel look?

Don't Run Off Yet!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading our top 5 shaving mug review. You're likely a wet shaving enthusiast and I would love to hear your thoughts about these mugs. Do you prefer the mugs or a bowl?

Leave me a comment below and thanks for reading.​

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