The Best Single Blade Razor for Shaving Head (Top 5)

Looking for the best single blade razor for shaving head? Your tired of shaving your head with other razors so you want to try out a single blade razor. It's a great way to get a silky smooth head and with less skin irritation.

The skin on your head can be the most sensitive skin on your body. Especially if your new to having a bald head or no hair on top. It takes time for your skin to adjust and a single blade razor makes for a gentle solution to your shaving needs.

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Single Blade Razor Vs Cartridge

There's plenty of options out there for shaving your head. You could use an electric shaver, straight razor, or a cartridge razor and several other options. What makes the single bladed razor a good choice and why not just use a cartridge razor?

The main reason to not use a cartridge razor is based off skin sensitivity. Our modern day cartridge razors now come up 5 or more blades. That's a lot of cutting and each blade is a pass over your skin with each stroke. In a single stroke you will have ran 5 blades over your skin.

You can see how this adds up to skin irritation and other issues. When you first start out shaving your head you want to use something gentle. The fewer blades the better and you can't get any better than a single blade razor.

Using a single bladed razor to shave your head will require a little training. You'll have to play around with it a little to get the angle right. I would recommend using a less aggressive razor if you're new to them.

Advantages of a Single Bladed Razor

There are several advantages to using a single blade razor to shave your head. I've mentioned already that it's one of the best solutions for sensitive skin. You also lower your risk of other shaving issues such as ingrown hairs and razor burn.

With these safety razors you'll be mixing your own lather. You can mix a moisturizing lather that can be very beneficial to your head. I would recommend using a glycerin based lather to moisturize and prevent dry scalp after shaving.

It's also much cheaper to shave your head with a single blade safety razor. If you're using a more expensive to replace cartridge razor you'll go through the blades quicker. Between your face and head there's a lot more hair to cut. Resulting in the need to replace blades more frequently.

With single bladed razors costing ten cents a blade or less it's much easier on your wallet. You can buy single blades in boxes of 100 or more and they're always this cheap. It's a huge plus compared to the over priced replacement cartridges of modern razors.

Before You Attempt Shaving

I thought I should mention some prerequisites before you begin shaving your head. If you're not already comfortable wet shaving with safety razors I would do that first. Just use your razor for a couple weeks to shave your face and when you feel like you have mastered the angle of the shave and the overall process then proceed.

Make sure you've trimmed your hair down with something like the bald eagle shaver first. You want the hairs cut low before you attempt shaving your head. Also take this time to note any pimples, the shape of your head, any bumps, or other factors that may get in the way of your shave.

You can't really get a great look at the back of your head etc.. to check for these issues. So rub your hands all over your head and make a mental note of problem spots. Take more time shaving in these areas and just shave with patience.

Also take your time to do a pre-shave routine. Exfoliate your scalp and rub your head down good. This helps loosens smaller hairs and relax your hair follicles. Use a warm cloth to relax your skin. It feels amazing!

What to Look For in a Single Bladed Razor for Head Shaving

Safety razors vary from one to the other. Depending on your safety razor experience you may need a different razor that someone else. My recommendation would be to get a mild aggression safety razor for shaving your head.

I wouldn't want something very aggressive because I'm shaving in some areas where you can't see. You're kind of shaving by feeling things out and then you can check with your hand or a second mirror after.

Because of that I think a mild single blade razor would be best. A second feature that would come in handy for shaving your head is a longer handle. A longer handle can make it easier to get hard to reach places.

So the key traits I would go for are a mild aggression and a long handle. If you're more experience you can get what ever aggression you like but in my opinion it wouldn't hurt sticking to a mild level.

Top 5 Single Blade Razors for Shaving Head

Below are the five best single blade razor for shaving your head. I've selected some great razors that are roughly mild in aggression and a mixture of long and standard handle lengths. I've picked quality safety razors that will be lenient on someone learning to shave their head with one of them.

Feather AS-D2

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The Feather AS-D2 is an excellent safety razor that's well known. It's a mild aggression safety razor and it'll be great for shaving your head. The first thing most people think of when they think of this safety razor is quality.

The entire safety razor is stainless steel with a textured grip. Feather razor blades have made a name for themselves. They produce a very high quality blade that they claim surpasses every other single blade on the market. It's acclaimed as one of the most innovative razors in the world.

This is the type of razor that will be around for many years as long as you take care of it. Keep it clean and store it when not in use. Don't leave it sitting in the shower or let it dry from being wet. You could get this razor at 18 and shave with it at 80.

Merkur 23C Long Handle

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The Merkur 23C is the long handle version of the Merkur line up. It's a beginner friendly safety razor and will be great for learning to shave your head if you're not experienced. The razor from head to bottom is a little over 4" inches long.

It's a sturdy razor with a chrome finish made in Germany. You'll need to be more careful with this safety razor as far as keeping it try and not letting it sit wet. It'll last you a good while and it'll give you a good shave.

As for shaving your head I believe the long handle will come in handy. Merkur makes a good safety razor and it'll give you an extra close shave. It's also quite affordable with a welcoming introduction price point.

Parker 96R Long Handle

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The Parker 96R is a long handle safety razor that's a good beginner razor. Its made with a colored brass frame and a textured grip to be easy to hold onto. It comes with free Shark razor blades to get you going.

This razor is a butterfly door razor. Meaning you can twist the bottom and the top has doors that open up to expose the blade. This makes changing out razor blades super easy and convenient.

The brand Parker is pretty good overall. They're well known in the wet shaving community and make a decent product. However, I will say this particular razor can't stand up to the Feather AS-D2.

If you're looking to dip your toes in the water this could be a good starter. If you want to get something that's going to last more than a year you'll still want to go with the Feather AS-D2.

Vikings Chieftain Safety Razor

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The Vikings Chieftain Safety Razor is one of my favorite options. I think it's one of the best mixtures of affordability and quality craftsmanship. It comes with some free blades, a box for storing, and a mirror in the box.

It's made from premium Swedish metal and goes through tough quality control. The head of this shaver has microcomb teeth to prevent accidental cuts. A feature that is going to come in handy while head shaving.

They provide lifetime protection against manufacturing defects. So you best bet it's a quality product the moment it leaves the warehouse. I personally just really love the Vikings safety razor for many reasons and I think it'll be a great head shaving razor.

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

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The Merkur Futur is an adjustable safety razor and it's quite unique. You can change the setting between 1-6 to go from tame to highly aggressive. This is a feature that allows you to grow with the razor.

As you get comfortable wet shaving you may desire a more aggressive shave and all you'll need to do is twist to a higher number. It's an ideal solution for head shaving since you may require more aggression to cut through head hair.

It's a heavyweight razor so it doesn't feel like it'll slip anywhere. They've given it a sleek satin finish which is also unique with safety razors. I think it looks very modern and well designed. The added weight of the razor allows you to glide the razor across your skin with no added pressure. Just allow the razor blade to do all the work.

Before You Go!

Hopefully I was able to help you find the best single blade razor for shaving head. Stay away from other types of single bladed razors such as open comb for head shaving. You could also attempt a straight razor shaver but I don't know I would recommend it.

If you have any tips or suggestions for shaving your head with a single blade razor please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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