Top 5 Best Trimmers for Manscaping

The idea of not cutting ourselves during a manscaping session is one we can all agree with. The best trimmer for manscaping is a tool which can do just that. Before we jump into the nitty-gritty let me tell you briefly how we define manscaping.

The term manscaping to us is "shaving hair on the body for cosmetic effect". This might be slightly different than what it's commonly referencing -- shaving your manhood. With that in mind, we'll cover the best electric trimmers for your privates first.

Quick List: Best Trimmers for Manscaping​

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Things to look for in a Manscaping Trimmer

When picking out a trimmer for manscaping there's a couple thing's you'll want to keep an eye out for. I consider some of these to almost be a requirement.

​What I wouldn't go without:

  • Adjustable Length Settings.
  • Wireless Device. A cord just gets in the way.
  • Blades designed to not scratch the skin.

Those 3 core features are all options I would consider "required". There're some other options which are nice to have, but I can live without. Things like dual-ended devices, pivoting heads, and water-resistants are all great bonuses, but I wouldn't place them over my core 3.

Lesser Talked About Features:

You should always pay attention to the reviews of a device's battery. Especially the cordless rechargeable trimmers. If it's known for a weak battery that can be a red flag for a low-quality shaver.

Look for replacement parts and see if they're being manufactured. This might sound counterintuitive, but if the company is creating replacement parts they intend to keep that model around for some time.

It also means you're more likely to receive support from them if something goes wrong or they might even replace the shaver altogether if need be. That's not particularly something you're going to have to worry about, but it's good to know.

The Advantages of Manscaping Tools

What's the real advantage of having a trimmer designed for manscaping or body hair compared to any normal hair trimmer?

The hair on your head and the hair on your body are very different. A good manscaping trimmer is designed to work specifically with body hair. Not only are the blades designed for it, but so are other aspects such as the design.

You might have tried using a hair trimmer below the belt before. Odds are it was a corded trimmer that was difficult to maneuver in that certain area. Did you end up with any nicks or cuts?

Once you start using an electric trimmer that was designed for this task you'll immediately notice the difference.​

How to Prevent Nicks & Cuts

The only real concern when shaving is creating discomfort. More related to our discussion would be cutting your groin. If you've ever attempted shaving below the belt before, then you might have experienced this.

It's always a not so fun experience. Going through any added discomfort, itching, and irritation isn't how any of look at spending our day after manscaping.​

The best way to prevent nicks & cuts is using a trimmer with an adjustable guard. The adjustable guard setting is one of the 3 core features I recommend you have.

Always begin any new shaving experience with a higher "longer" length setting. Not only to test how the length looks on you but to prevent cuts. You can gradually lower the setting until you're 100% satisfied with the results.

That's the only for sure way to not cut yourself with any electric shaver.​

How Frequent Should You Manscape

Everyone's unique and as much this question is a little different for each individual. A good rule of thumb is to manscape twice as often as you get a haircut.

You should have a trim around the same time you get a haircut and then halfway to your next haircut.​

That's the guide I've always gone by and it has served me well. It might work out great for you as well, but the only way to truly know is through trial and error. The key is to find a point in time so when you shave it's only a quick clean up & maintenance.

If you wait too long you'll have to basically "start over". Not a huge deal and it's really just a matter of convenience. Either way the manscaping twice with haircuts has worked best for me.

Should You Shave in the Shower?

In my experience with electric trimmers, it's best to do your shaving before you take a shower. Even if your shaver is water-resistant I've found that water only makes everything more difficult.

When's it okay to shave in the shower? I usually shave in the shower when I'm using a disposable razor and getting a really close shave. Which isn't what an electric trimmer is for.​

If you choose to use your trimmer in the shower make sure of the following:

  • Your shaver is 100% water resistant.
  • The hair your trimming is already somewhat trimmed.

Also don't get water resistance confused with waterproof. Being resistant doesn't make your trimmer immune to water and it should not be submerged.

5 Fantastic Below the Belt Trimmers

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Our personal favorite is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Series. This trimmer has a lot of the things we look for. Including all of the core 3 features: adjustable guards, blades designed not to scratch, and a cordless design that's easy to handle.

I find that Philips shaving products usually live up to their expectations. In regards to the overall brand, I feel they make great products. In any case being manufactured by Philips isn't going to make a product win by itself.

The selling points on this device are as follows: 3D Pivoting Head, Adjustable Lengths, Blades designed not to cut, designed specifically for shaving below the neck, water-resistant, and dual ended with a foil shaver.

The Pros:

  • Outperforms Expectations
  • No cuts even in sensitive areas.
  • Thin and easy to handle.
  • Powerful so it requires fewer passes.

The Con's:

  • Pivot Head is difficult to remove for cleaning.
  • Charging Stand is more artsy than practical, but still works fine.

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The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3100 Series. This shaver is unique and does differ from the 7100 series shaver above. It's a lot different than you may think.

The 3100 series shaver comes with a similar foil head shaver but lacks any adjustable guarded shaving end. If you're going for a "near bare" look than that might not be a problem for you. If you prefer a little more hair below the belt then this isn't the shaver for you.

While it does come with some guards so you can vary length we found they aren't very helpful. So, don't let that fool you if you think you'll be able to retain some hair length.​

What makes this manscaping trimmer unique is its extended handle. The bottom of this trimmer folds out to give you some extra reach. While this isn't super useful for shaving below the belt it is very effective at reaching your back.

If back hair is an additional concern for you, you've found your trimmer. I've seen others claim to use it to reach other hard spots such as the back of their thigh.

Some of the selling points for this trimmer: extra long handle attachment, rounded blades that won't scratch the skin, and 3 combs for different body hair lengths.

The Pros:

  • Great for back hair
  • 100% Waterproof
  • More affordable

The Con's:

  • Less effective on very curly hair.
  • Seems like a budget version of the 7100.

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The Remington PG525 Head to Toe Body Groomer doesn't look much different from your normal hair trimmer at first glance, but it's really a manscaping tool you need to take a look at.

Firstly yes it does have 8 different lengths for the hair on your head. What makes it great are the other attachments that come with it. We've got a stubble guard, nose & ear trimmer, the full size (no attachment), and most importantly the body hair trimmer.​

Usually, I'm not a fan of these trimmers using guards to "transform" what they're being used for. I will say that this particular trimmer does it very successfully. I was surprised how well they pull this off compared to the others.

Some of the selling points for this shaver: Lithium powered, 4 attachment heads, adjustable combs, and 3 snap on combs.​

The Pros:

  • Attachments actually make a difference.
  • Known for long lasting batteries.

The Con's:

  • Feels like cheap plastic.
  • Best described as "okay".
  • Budget shaver.

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The Braun 6 Body Shaver is quite different from the other manscaping trimmers on our list. This tool is better defined as an "electric razor". It uses actual razor blades on the head which are replaceable with the Gillette Fusion blades.

Either way, it is still an electric shaver which just has a unique purpose. I find this tool best coming right after your other trimmer. Definitely geared towards those who like no hair at all below the belt or where ever you may be shaving.

​You can shave your body hair to varying lengths with this razor just as you can with other trimmers. It's also a lot better at wet shaving or shaving in the shower.

If your end game goal is an extra smooth sack, shaft, and pubic region. You'll want this electric razor in your arsenal.​

Some of the selling points for this shaver: Unique electric & razor combination, extra smooth wet shave, varying length guards, can be used directly under your shower.

The Pros:

  • Closest shave you'll get below the belt.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • High Quality

The Con's:

  • You have to buy replacement blades eventually.
  • Best used in combination with another manscaping shaver.

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The Philips Norelco QG3364/49 Grooming Kit is a multigroom kit for all of your hair. It isn't designed for any one thing particularly, but designed to help you shave everything.

You could give a haircut with this tool or trim up for Valentine's day. Don't worry about having to use the same headpiece to shave your head & your balls. It comes with 7 unique attachments.

Out of the other multi grooming kits available, this one falls somewhere in the mid-range quality. You're getting a good balance of quality & budget pricing. If you can only buy one tool, but need something that can get multiple jobs done, you've found your shaver.

Some of the selling points for this trimmer: 7 Tools all in one, self-sharpening blades, 18 built-in length settings, turbo boost for thicker hair, and lithium powered.

The Pros:

  • Great if your on a budget.
  • Good Quality

The Con's:

  • Doesn't excel at any one task. More of a jack of all trades.
  • Won't last you 10 years like other high quality shavers.

Choosing Your Manscaping Tool

By now you should be able to make an informed decision for yourself and pick a great trimmer. It's pretty clear that for us the real winner is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Series.

Compared to all the other products it performs best. You're looking for a manscaping trimmer that's going to last you a long time, continuously provide great results, and a tool you'll be happy with.​

Going back to our 3 core features the 7100 series has it all. I'm confident that it will fulfill y​our needs as well.

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