Best Way To Keep Your Head Shaved (5 Methods)

Keeping your head shaved requires a lot of attention and dedication. Finding the best way to keep your head shaved only makes sense and will make your life a little easier. I've actually got a couple of ways you may like that'll keep your head shaved and not just one.

So take a moment and see which of the options below suit your lifestyle the best. Hopefully I've got something you'll like and be able to use. If one of the options below helped you please let me know by leaving a comment at the end of this article.

best way to keep your head shaved

What You Should Know About Keeping Your Head Shaved

You want to keep your head shaved at all times but you need to know about the pro's and cons of constantly shaving your head. The skin on your head is different than than the skin on your face and in the beginning your head isn't use to being shaved. Running a razor across your skin when it isn't accustomed to it can cause issues such as razor burn.

The Pro's

On the upside of things your head will grow accustom to being shaved. The more you shave the quicker your skin will get use to it. If you're new to shaving your head it may take a month or so but then you'll notice a significant difference.

As you continue shaving your head your skin will also become smoother. At first it'll seem rough but as you get use to cutting those hairs really close you can achieve a smooth head.

Having a shaved head makes you look more masculine. With Hollywood culture portraying bald men such as The Rock in these highly aggressive and manly roles, being bald has become the epitome of masculinity.

The Cons

The downside to shaving your head everyday is it can become quite time consuming. Earlier I mentioned the amount of dedication it takes to keep your head shaved. If you can grow a full head of hair but are shaving it then you'll need to shave almost every single day.

When you're shaving this often on a surface you can't see all of you open yourself up to more nicks and cuts. The scabbing can be unsightly on a bald head and are more apparent.

If you're looking for ways to keep your head shaved that don't require a razor it may take some experimenting. Not all of these alternative methods are cheap or free either. So expect to test things out over time but typically you can find something you like that doesn't require a razor blade every day. Plus being able to mix it up time to time can be a relief to the shave routine.

5 Ways to Keep Your Head Shaved

The best way to keep your head shaved may not be shaving it at all. Everyone's different and there's more than one way to shave a cat or in this case your head. Although don't worry we have shaving solutions on our list if you're looking to stick with your razor blade.

#1 Using Safety Razors

Using a safety razor to shave your head may have slipped your mind. Using a safety razor gives you more control over your shave and reduces your odds of shaving related issues. Typically you'll experience less ingrown hairs, razor burn, and skin irritation.

If you have sensitive skin a safety razor could be your ticket out. Since safety razors use a single blade you're running a razor across your skin a single time with each pass. Compared to a cartridge razor where each pass runs 3-5 blades across the skin.

The only downside is I would recommend doing this once your hair is already short. You wouldn't want to shave your head with a safety razor with more than 3 days of growth on your head. If you're shaving every day though it can be the best route to take.

#2 Electric Head Shavers

Electric head shavers are a super convenient option to have around. Some days you're not going to feel like shaving your head with a razor blade. Having an electric shaver handy is great for those days. It can also become a good routine to swap between a razor and electric day to day if you want to spend less time with the razor.

I would recommend using something like the Bald Eagle Shaver. You can read our review of the Bald Eagle Shaver to get a good understanding of the product.

Another benefit to using electric shavers every other day is giving your skin a break from a razor. Electric shavers don't give you shaving issue compared to a razor blade and it'll also extend the life of your razor. It's an investment that will save you money in the long run.

#3 Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream can be a love hate relationship. You can use it for hairs growing back once your head is already shaved. It does a decent job and can be used in the shower for a quicker and more convenient way to remove head hair.

The problem is that you're using it on your head. You're more prone to having the cream run into your eyes or sitting on hair you don't want removed. Think of how easily you could accidentally have your eyebrows exposed to the cream.

The good thing about hair removal cream is that it'll last longer. You're looking at about a week of hair removal from each session before needing to do it again. If you're willing to be diligent with the process it can have more benefits then drawbacks.

#4 Professional Laser Hair Removal

If you're 100% sure you want to keep your head shaved forever you might want to get laser hair removal. Professional laser hair removal can lead to permanent hair removal. It's a move for the bold for sure but if the thought of not having to shave your head ever again makes you grin you should consider it.

It will take several sessions to get to a point where your hair doesn't grow back but even along the way to total hair obliteration you'll have large time gaps where you don't have to shave.

The initial cost of laser hair removal is going to be more expensive. However in the long term of not having to buy razors all the time you're going to save more money. This is a suitable option for you if you're without a doubt certain you want to be bald the rest of your life. 

#5 Waxing Your Head

Waxing is a way to keep your hair from growing back for a long periods of time. In the beginning the experience can be a little painful but it's nothing you shouldn't be able to manage. Waxing back to back as your hair grows back can reduce the amount of pain you experience from waxing and also cause your hair to gradually take longer to grow back.

There's also different forms of waxing that are less painful. Typically someone would use sugaring or a hard/soft wax that's less painful and just as effective.

If the thought of waxing your head seems foreign it definitely is. It's not something a lot of people have done but if you don't want to shave every day then do it. Not a lot of people wax their beards either but it's a growing trend.

Tips For A Better Razor Shave

I've given you 5 options to keep your head shaved but if you're sticking to the old fashioned razor then let me give you some tips to make the experience smoother. If you're going to shave your head just about every single day then here's how to make doing that a little better and keep yourself looking great.

Use Head Razors

Head razors let you feel your head with your fingers while shaving. It's a razor that straps to your fingers and lets you feel where you're shaving while you're shaving. The best product for this is the HeadBlade on Amazon.

It's one of the most reliable ways to shave your head. You won't have to worry about missing a spot and having spots of hair left uncut which is a common problem.

Swap Shave Cream for Oil

Shaving cream can get in the way and be more of a problem than helpful. Using a lighter option like shave oil gives you the right amount of coverage that's going to give you a better shave. Since oil is so thin it doesn't get in the way of your blade. Instead it helps the blade stick to the skin and give a smoother shave.

Another benefit is it helps moisturize your skin. Shaving can cause dry skin and shave oil helps prevent this.


Before shaving take the time to exfoliate your scalp. While you're taking a warm shower scrub your head down with a washcloth. The combination of warm water helps to loosen hair follicles and make them easier to shave. While scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells and expose tiny hairs under the skin.

It's the ultimate activity to make sure you're getting a close smooth shave. You may want to invest in a soft bristle brush because it can do a better job exfoliating than a washcloth. Plus it feels amazing.

Before You Go!

I've shown you some of the best ways to keep your head shaved. Hopefully you'll find one of the options to be suitable for your lifestyle. Making some of the adjustments to your shaving routine can really improve your quality of life.

It's important to maintain your scalp as well. So after you've shaved your head always moisturize and take care of that skin. You'll be easier to sun burn and the skin will be more sensitive to begin with.

If you have any tips or suggestions for ways to keep a head shaved please share them by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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