Best Way to Manscape for Beginners

Let me teach you the best way to manscape. There’s often a bit of confusion on what manscaping actually even means. The real definition for manscaping is grooming or trimming a man’s body hair for cosmetic effect. So any hair grooming you do on the body anywhere is manscaping.

As you see it’s a very straightforward definition. Some guys think that it’s only for the groin and that’s not true.

How to Start Manscaping

best way to manscape
In the beginning, it may make you feel a little uncomfortable. You’re unsure of what others are going to think or what your other half may think. Talk with your other half before you go off shaving. It can turn into a new exciting experience between both of you.

The best way to manscape, in the beginning, is to start small. Start by only trimming. Don’t go full bald & bare right in the beginning. Simply trim the armpit hair, chest & stomach, and your pubes.

Get the hair to a short and desired length that’s pleasing to the eye. Go with this for the amount a month. Re-shave as needed to keep it around this length. After a month if you want to change things up and go bare in certain areas then give it a try. This method will gradually get your skin use to shaving and allow you to ease into the look of manscaping.

Make sure to grab yourself a good body groomer and razor. A good shaving tool is very important and can change your experience with manscaping. You don’t need to go all out crazy but, something decent will do the job well. Check the two links above. We go over some really good options if you’re in the market for something.

Best Way to Manscape

Now you know it’s best to start off only trimming. That’s a great start and the best way to manscape. If you’re now moving into the more in-depth manscaping where you’ll be going bare in some areas then this section’s for you.

I always recommend to jump into the shower and warm things up. Warm the skin so you’ll get a better shave. The warmth will loosen the hair follicles and that makes everything a lot smoother. A lot of body groomers nowadays are waterproof so you can take them in the shower with you. If you don’t have a good body groomer make sure you get one. They make the world of difference.

Now that you’re all warmed up in the shower the best way to manscape is to start slow. It’s not a race so remember that! Take your time shaving anything you choose. No matter if you’re shaving your face, chest, or crotch.

We’ve written a couple good guides that will go over the best way to handle different areas of the body.

Give some of these a look:

Reasons to Manscape

best way to manscape
The more obvious reasons are more women prefer it now, it says a lot about your good hygiene, and it makes you smell a lot better. There’s also some more personal bonuses to manscaping. It can almost make you feel like a new man in a great way! You’ll feel like you have more energy and you overall have a more positive vibe. I don’t know the exact science behind that but, I know a lot of guys report the same experience.

When you care about yourself and your hygiene you tend to be a happier person. I don’t mean to sound cliche but, it’s true!

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