Best Way To Shave Head Without A Razor

What's the best way to shave head without a razor? If you're shaving your head on a regular basis you know how tiring it can become. Having to go through the entire shave routine nearly every day makes you want to find an alternative.

Below you'll find a number of different ways to shave your head without a razor blade. It's time to give your skin a change of pace and try out some different methods.

best way to shave head without a razor

#1 Waxing Your Hair

When you think of removing the hair on your head you likely don't think of waxing. Waxing can be the ultimate form of hair removal if you're looking for long term solutions. Apart of the grind of shaving your head is because you have to do it so often.

When you choose to wax you can go a long time without needing a touch up. If you stick with waxing and do it every time your hair grows back it becomes less painful. Your skin grows accustom to it and the hairs will take longer to grow back with repeated waxing. But, again, waxing can be incredibly uncomfortable because there are a lot of hair follicles to pull out all at once, unless you are already partly bald naturally. Of course, the skin on your scalp is more delicate than skin that is used to taking a lot of punishment and has nerve endings that will likely not appreciate the procedure. 

If you're worried about how painful it may be to wax your head there are other forms of waxing. Look into sugaring for example. These other forms of waxing are designed to be more comfortable. Also known as Persian waxing, sugaring has been a waxing technique since 1900 BC, so it's definitely time tested. Unlike traditional waxing, which is applied to the hair and skin, sugaring only sticks to hairs, reducing the risk of burns, especially when heated to a lukewarm temperature. This is why more people prefer sugaring over traditional waxing. Sugaring is also hypoallergenic, and any negative reaction is usually minor and can be resolved by taking an anti-histamine. You can even make your own sugar paste at home using natural ingredients such as water, lemon juice, honey, cornstarch, sugar and molasses. Whether sold in stores or made at home, sugar paste is made to be water soluble for easy cleanup. Just be sure to apply moisturizer after you use a homemade paste since only the store-bought sugar paste includes essential oils to condition skin. 

If you choose to go this route know that you can also wax your beard. Beard waxing is growing in popularity for men who both dislike shaving and need a long lasting solution. It'll be up to you to decide if the discomfort is worth the long term benefit.

On the upside getting your hair and beard waxed during the same session knocks out two birds with one stone. I would recommend going to a professional the first couple of times you wax before attempting to wax at home.

Once you're comfortable with the process you can save some money by purchasing home waxing kits.

#2 Hair Removal Cream

Products such as Nair or non-razor shave cream can be a good alternative for some people. These products work by letting them sit on the hair and when you wipe it off the hair comes off with it. These creams dissolve hair at the root.

You can use hair removal cream on your face but it's very important to use the right type. There's different strengths available and you'll need to find the one best for you. Also, look into other brands apart from Nair to see what may be the best cream for you.

The skin on your face and head tends to be more sensitive than the skin on your arms and legs. So if you're going to use hair removal cream do so sparingly until you see how it effects your skin. Use it in a very light amount on your head to see your skins reaction.

Once you know how your skin will take to the cream just follow the instructions that come with the cream. If the cream doesn't effect your skin then it can be an excellent way to remove head hair without having to shave. It can be one of the best way to shave head without a razor.

#3 Professional Laser Hair Removal

Do you want a bald head permanently? Professional laser hair removal may be what you're looking for. You can have your head smooth for the rest of your life and never have to worry about hair growing back.

This type of hair removal is the most expensive option but with a couple of sessions you'll be rid of your hair. It's definitely an option for the bold.

Laser hair removal comes with some level of discomfort. You could describe it as a small burning sensation that comes and goes repeatedly during the session. It's quite different than the discomfort you get from waxing.

Here's a quick video of a guy who's had around 9 sessions of laser hair removal and is around 60% complete. As you can tell it'll take several sessions to achieve complete hair removal. Each session lasts around 20 minutes without breaks.

#4 Electric Head Shavers

Are you a stickler for not wanting to see a single small hair on your head or is a little fuzz alright? There's two types of bald heads. There's the true bald where it's nothing but skin and then there are the heads that are so closely shaved they might as well be bald.

If you're OK with the second version of bald heads you may want to just swap to an electric shaver. You can shave your hair very low and have a clean bald look while avoiding placing a razor blade to your skin.

Electric shavers are quick and convenient and they have shavers designed to shave heads. Even though electric shavers won't give you a silky smooth shave they allow you to avoid shaving related issues. You're not going to experience razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation like you would with a razor.

The downside to using electric shavers is the fact you'll need to shave frequently. You won't achieve total hair removal and you'll have to shave at least every other day to keep your head looking near bald.

#5 Chemical Depilation

Chemical depilation is a similar process to hair removal creams. Chemical hair removers are typically a lot stronger so make sure your skin is going to be able to handle the product. These products tend to heavy in calcium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide to accelerate hair removal.

It's important to note that you should pay special attention to the chemical hair remover you choose to buy. Each one will have a unique set of instructions you need to follow exactly. Leaving a chemical remover on for to long can cause chemical burns and other skin problems.

I would classify this type of product as a long last version of hair removal cream. From what I've seen you can do this process around 3 times per month and it'll continue to give you a clean looking head.

The downside to chemical hair removers is needing someone to assist you. You could attempt it yourself but I would not recommend it. Having someone there to apply the chemical product, time it, and monitor the process is important.

Tips for Maintaining Your Bald Head

So you've seen some of the best way to shave head without a razor. Once you have achieved your designed level of baldness you're going to want to maintain it. Keeping your head shaved is one thing and maintaining it is another. Here's some tips to keep your head looking healthy.

Don't Drop The Shampoo

Even though you have either less or no hair on your head you still should use shampoo. If you believe your head is silky smooth there are still small hairs you're unable to see. Plus your skin gets dirty and needs cleaning just as your body does.

Continue using shampoo as you normally would. You'll require a lot less shampoo is the good news. To get the most benefit use a shampoo rich in Vitamin E and moisturizing properties.

Shield Your Scalp

Now that your head doesn't have hair to protect it from the outside environment you'll need to protect it. You will need to start paying more attention to the weather forecast. If you live in a colder climate make sure to cover your head up or if you're out in the sun apply some sunscreen.

It's easy to forget the skin on your head isn't typically exposed to the elements. It'll take your skin a little time to adjust to being freshly exposes but it's quite easy to cover up and protect your scalp as needed.

Keep Hydrated

With your head being exposes to the dry air and weather you can dry out quickly. Your skin is more prone to becoming dry, rough, and ashy when it's exposed in this way. Keep your skin moisturized and drink plenty of water to avoid this.

Your scalp can still flake and have dandruff if you're bald. So keeping hydrated will prevent this.

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