Best Way to Shave My Balls: A Unique Guide

Now this is quite a topic! Have you ever asked yourself what is the "best way to shave my balls"? It's something a lot of us guys have a problem with. Mostly because the skin in this area is wrinkly. It's not our fault our sacks are round, wrinkly, and difficult to shave.

There is hope though! So, lets get to talk about the best way to shave my balls.. well your balls.. you know what I mean.

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Easiest & Best Way to Shave Your Balls

The "best way to shave my balls" is with a razor blade. It's very difficult to use an electric trimmer or anything else down there. Don't be worried though because once you get over the fact you're putting a razor blade to your balls it's really not so bad.

The best razor to use is the Gillette Body Razor. It's made similar to the Women's Venus razor which we were very fond of before. It's basically the same thing, but more masculine.

Before we really dive in here just remember the skin on your testicles is very unique. It's not like the rest of your skin. It's stretchy, wrinkly, and very forgiving. Still you want to practice patience and just take your time down there.

A great video guide by AlphaM for "best way to shave my balls":

Start in the Shower

It's recommended to do the ball shaving in the shower. Hop in and just start doing your thing. Wash your hair, body, and all the good bits. When the heat & steam has loosened the skin and you're ready then it's time to get down!

Start by grabbing the penis and shaving around the base of your shaft. Shave all the way around and work your way to the testicles. Grab your testicles and lift them up in away that's stretching the scrotum skin. Then shave from bottom to top. This is getting the most difficult part out of the way first.

Once you've shaved the underneath you can start on the sides and top. Just shave all around removing the hair. Just keep the skin stretched out the best you can. This will prevent cutting yourself. If you still have a problem nicking yourself then you either need a new razor or you aren't pulling the skin enough.

Best Tools for Ball Shaving

best way to shave my balls

Now that you know the "best way to shave my balls" you need to get yourself some great tools. There's many different tools to choose from out there. Some ranging upwards of $300, but lets be real here. Who wants to spend $300 on one electric shaver to have clean nuts? You can find some really amazing products in the $50ish range.

You'll notice we don't recommend a shaving cream or gel for the balls. This is because the creams get to thick for this area and just makes things more difficult. Using a light amount of hand soap is the best way to shave your balls.

Although if you have super sensitive skin we can use a special shave gel for sensitive skin. For most guys though that area of the body tends to be just fine after a good shaving.

How Often Should I Shave My Balls

You know the "best way to shave my balls", but how often should you be shaving them? If you're new to shaving your testicles then we recommended once or twice per month. This is especially true if you have sensitive ball skin.

Once you've built up a level of confidence with shaving your balls then do it more frequently. The best part is that it's easy to do right in the shower. So, you can shave them every week or just as needed. Everyone is different and everyone's ball hair will grow at different rates. So, that's one major determining factor.

  • If you get an ingrown hair on your balls read this.

Just remember that women love smooth velvety feeling balls!

Leave me a comment below and let me know if this helped!

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TommyTop Reply

I’ve been shaving the “twins” for about 35 years. I love it, and, the wives/ladies I have had, also enjoy the feeling. No hair in the mouth.

TommyTop Reply

I “dry” shave ’em when I have an erection. Makes it much easier. They pull up to the scrotum, and you just take a new razor and lightly shave off the NEW hairs. See, I said, NEW hairs. U gotta do it every 2 weeks or so. Also, shave the base of your cock, up to your area, but, not into your hairy area.

Brandon Reply

I have been shaving may balls by grabing a couple of hairs and cutting them and that only shortened them. But now with this I can have nice smooth ball andi dont have to feel ashamed anymore. Thank you so much. Now I buy two sets of razors, one for my face and one for my ball

Rick Smith Reply

I have been shaving my ares for about 5 years now..just use the green disposable shick razor. Works great with dial soap. Balls are smooth as silk.

    Disneyland Hotel Cook Reply

    With Dial, once that the skin gets rinsed, it’s not very smooth. Use Olay or Dove as they have lotion in them. That way your goods are more “smooth for stroking” whether you, she or he does it.
    I’ve been shaving for about 15 years. I’m only 72!!
    Come on “boys,” don’t be afraid. You may nick yourself at first. But that will be your first lesson on HOW TO HOLD YOUR PENIS, SACK AND THE RAZOR.
    If you’ve got the balls, SHAVE THEM!! Shave them. She’ll love to give you more head!!

WanLungDong Reply

Waxing your bullocks is a little hairy. I’d go with tweezing unless you’re growing a Brazilian rainforest.
But let’s be honest, it’s really all about preoccupation. Your penis should only consume as much room in your brain in proportion to its size.

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