Best Way To Shave Your Back By Yourself

There are several ways to remove back hair from waxing to laser hair removal but what's the best way to shave your back? Shaving is the simplest and easiest solution to tackle unwanted back hair and it's something you're already familiar with.

The problem is back hair can be hard to reach. It's difficult to see what you're doing and the cartridge razor you use for your face isn't going to make the cut.

Designed to Shave Your Back

There is one shaving tool out there designed just to shave back hair. A personal favorite is the BaKblade back shaver on Amazon. It's a long handled shaver with a wide mouth razor head that's designed to remove back hair. The special head is designed to catch and cut hair without cutting your skin.

This special shave head makes it much easier to shave a large area of your back with each stroke. You can easily press the blade against your skin and run it across with no worry of cutting yourself.

best way to shave your back

If you've ever tried shaving your back with any other type of shaver you know exactly how difficult it can be. You can likely tell how big a difference a product like BaKblade with a long handle and 4" inch wide blade will make.

You can also remove your back hair with other methods that don't require shaving. You could use hair removal cream, waxing, or epilators to remove your back hair. However if you're set on shaving then definitely use BaKblade.

Will Shaving Back Hair Make It Grow Back Thicker?

A common concern especially for women beginning to shave their back hair is it growing back thicker. The whole idea of shaving hair and it growing back thicker is an old wives tale. It's absolutely not true and you don't have to worry about it with any hair on your body.

It's believed this tale originated from mothers telling their teenage sons that shaving causing hair to grow back thicker. This way their sons will continue to shave in hopes of growing facial hair thicker sooner.

It seems to have worked because a lot of people today still think this is true. However, it doesn't take long to test and figure out this isn't what happens and you're safe to shave and remove hair anywhere on your body you deem fit.

How Often Should You Shave Your Back?

This will vary depending on the person but with your back being a large area you can usually go longer between shaves. The hair is less noticeable until several days of growth and even then it isn't so bad.

Some of the men I know get away with shaving their backs twice a month. They just shave the hair once it becomes visibly noticeable. You can get away with the same but if you're self conscious about it you could shave weekly.

How Females Can Shave Their Backs

If you're a woman and you're looking for the best way to remove back hair by yourself then you can also use the back shaver I recommended above. Women can shave their back the same way men do but if you're worried about your friends seeing your razor extender for back shaving then you'll have to use alternative methods.

Other methods of removing back hair just get complicated. A lot of the other methods require help from a friend and asking your friend to remove your back hair isn't something you want to have to ask on a normal basis.

So, face it... using a long handle back shaver is the best route to take. You can always claim it's your boyfriends if you don't want your friends knowing it's yours.

Before You Go!

You and I both know the best way to shave your back is using a tool like BaKblade. Unfortunately there aren't many good alternative options out there for shaving backs. You could use an electric shaver with an extended handle but it's not going to completely remove the hair.

Another downside to the electric back shavers is it can leave your back itching. An itchy back is hard enough to relieve so there's no reason to add to that problem. The only thing better than using a tool like BaKblade would be asking a friend to shave your back for you.

If you have any tips or suggestions on the best ways you've found to shave your own back let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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