Top 5 Best Whitening Strips

A white smile is very important. It makes you look great, feel confident, and ingratiates yourself to others. However, it is not always easy to achieve.

Stained or yellow teeth are extremely common (especially for coffee drinkers) which also means there are many products to brighten them up.

Whitening your smile can be done in numerous ways, but nothing is quite as easy or as accessible as whitening strips. Unfortunately, there are many such items that provide less-than-stellar results.

For that reason, it always helps to know what you’re looking for when purchasing such products. You don’t want something that will just give you a better smile, you want something that will make your teeth pop.

Rating the Best Whitening Strips

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Tracking down the best whitening strips is not an easy process. To ensure all of the ones in this guide are up to the highest standard, they’ve been checked based on a range of different aspects like feel, ease of use, and end results.

Of course, professional and user reviews were considered as well. All of that data ensures each of the following products sit at the top of the market and shine above similar brands or items.

It is not just that all of the following whitening strips do their job, it is that they do their job and then some.

Crest 3D White Professional Effects

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When it comes to mouthcare products, few companies are more recognizable than Crest. The toothpaste brand makes a range of different products, and many of those fall into the teeth whitening world. One of their best is Crest 3D White Professional Effects.

This product is an incredibly efficient teeth whitening system that measures up to professional bleaching in many ways.

Those results come from the impressive advanced seal technology, which stops the strips from slipping. As they stay in place, the strips have more time to work on your teeth and give you the impressive shine you want.

It does not matter what type of teeth you have, or how much saliva you generate, these strips will stay in place. Moving around or falling off is one of the biggest issues with similar products, but that’s mitigated here.

That not only makes them work more effectively, but it also causes less formula to spill over into your gums. In that way they are much safer than some other strips as well.

The ability to stay put easily makes these one of the best whitening strips around.

Beyond that excellent feature, the Professional Effects are enamel safe, and only require you to use them once a day for 30 minutes. You pop them in, do your daily routine, and see results that last quite a while.

Long lasting quality is a problem that many whitening products run into, but these last for a year or more. Not only that, but you’ll see great quality within just three days of use.

That fast action, combined with the stick-on technology, makes this a perfect choice for people who do not want to go out of their way to whiten their teeth.

Crest 3D Glamorous White

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Continuing on with the Crest train, we have the 3D Glamorous White.

This product, similar to the Professional Effects, is another great example of high-quality mouth care. They whiten, come with the same great no-slip technology, and only take one use of 30 minutes a day.

All of the best whitening strips have their own bonuses. While the 3D Glamorous White makes the list as a result of its fast-working technology, it is also important to note that they are safe.

Unfortunately, while some lesser quality whitening strips work well, they can harm your mouth with certain chemicals. That is not a concern with these, which makes them one of the best whitening strips around.

The Glamorous White strips are ADA approved as a result of their 10 percent peroxide. That makes them perfectly safe for enamel and ensures they’ll provide amazing results with no health issues.

You don’t just want your teeth to be white, you want them to be healthy as well. Crest makes sure you achieve that balance.

While these are not quite as long lasting as Professional Effects (these last around six months as opposed to a full year) they are more affordable and require very little maintenance. In fact, you only need to use them a few times to get the maximum results.

That ease works extremely well with the 28 strips included in each pack. Simply follow the regiment, get whiter teeth, and forget about the process for half a year. It’s that simple, requiring minimal investment for amazing results.

In addition, those results also come about quickly. Most people will see notable improvements on the third or fourth day, and your smile will only get whiter from there. These are perfect for people who want their teeth changed right away.

DentaPro2000 Whitening Strips

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While not as big or as well-known as Crest, DentaPro2000 creates some of the best whitening strips on the market.

That may come as surprise to some, especially considering the company mainly focuses on different mouth guards, but the strips are easy to use, feel great, and provides incredible results for all different mouth types.

As with Crest, DentaPro2000 has their own no-slip technology that they employ onto their whitening products. This is one of the marks of all high-quality whitening products, and it shines here.

It is easy to get caught up in different traits when analyzing strips, but you always want to pay attention to how well they stay on.

No matter how well certain brands or strips work, they can’t do much if they aren’t on your teeth. DentaPro2000’s strips cover six lower teeth at once and stay with you no matter the texture or shape of your teeth.

Beyond the grip, DentaPro2000’s strips also come with many essential base features. That includes enamel safe chemicals, quick use (only 30 minutes a day), and fast results.

Though these do not work quite as quickly as the two above Crest strips, they still give you noticeable improvements within a week. There are two weeks’ worth of strips in each pack (28 strips in all) which means you should be able to go up two or three shades in just one purchase.

You need to buy a few packs to get a gigantic change, but, luckily, DentaPro2000’s strips are much more affordable than other, better-known brands.

These strips are less than half the cost of Crest, enabling you to easily reach your goal without spending too much. The best whitening strips can often be quite pricy, which makes DentaPro2000’s budget-friendly pricing a nice bonus.

Lumeeno Elastic Gel Strips

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Coming in at number four are Lumeeno Gel Strips. These items make it onto the list of the best whitening strips because they offer a little bit of everything.

As with any top-of-the-line options, these strips are safe for enamel and come with their own no slip technology. While not quite as thorough as some of the other options, that grip still works to keep the strips stuck fast to your teeth.

Another bonus here is the Gel Strips have 6 percent peroxide. Though that is a bit less than the standard 10 percent found in similar strips on the market, the reduction is great for people who have sensitive teeth or who experience any pain during the whitening process.

These are similarly effective to other strips on the market, and they only need to be in for fifteen minutes at a time. In fact, you should not wear them for more than thirty minutes.

That may seem like a small change from the recommended thirty minutes on the other best whitening strips, but that is fifteen minutes less you need to be careful with your mouth.

Pop these in, perform a simple task (like doing the dishes), and you’re on your way.

You get 28 strips with this package, which gives you 14 treatments in total. That is enough to raise your teeth at least a few shades.

In addition, another bonus of these is they are easily one of the cheapest whitening strips you can find. The extremely low price can put some people off, but rest assured that Lumeeno creates a solid, long-lasting product.

While this is one of the lesser known companies on the market, the high reviews of these strips, combined with the many features, put them ahead of the pack.

Bright White

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Finishing out the list of the best whitening strips is another, lesser-known company. Lovely Smile is new to the teeth whitening market, but their hallmark strip, Bright White, covers all the bases and then some.

Starting out, the product is safe and promotes white teeth through its own special concoction. They stay on well, regardless of tooth shape, and the lower ones are able to cover six teeth at once for maximum whitening.

You get 28 strips per pack with Bright White (14 uses in all), and they can be used once a day for 30 to 45 minutes. While they say the strips can go on for up to 120 minutes, it is best to do forty-five if you want the best results. Going over that time limit can lead to long-term issues.

That being said, the forty-five minutes over the standard thirty still speeds up the whitening process.

As with Lumeeno, Lovely Smile is not a brand you will be able to recognize right away. Even so, they make this list because their strips work quickly and efficiently.

You never want to wait too long to get white teeth. Bright White will give you strong results within the first week of using them, and that alone puts them ahead of many similar strips.

Though this brand is a bit thicker than the standard choices, do not let that put you off. They are quite comfortable. So much so that you will barely notice a difference from slightly thinner strips.

Buyer’s Guide

Whitening strips, like any mouth care product, can be tricky to purchase. They all might seem the same on the packaging, but every brand has their own differences you need to pay attention to.

Of course, the one aspect you want to focus on above all else is how quickly you’ll see results. Narrow down your pool to strips that give white teeth in just a few days. That not only ensures they’ll work quickly, but it shows their power as well.

Once you have that base line, branch out to strips that stay on your teeth (as covered above), are comfortable to wear, and that last a long time.

Finding the perfect blend of those attributes will deliver you the exact strips you want.

As an added bonus, always do your best to look for strip brands that are healthy for, or won’t damage, your teeth. Even some of the strongest working items come at a cost. It is important to avoid such issues and be secure that prolonged use won’t wear at your enamel.

The Easiest Path to a White Smile

Every whitening strip brightens your teeth to a certain extent. For that reason, it is key to find the ones that work fast and last a long time.

The above strips all give you a white, eye-catching smile. However, they stand out as the best because they each go above and beyond the call of duty. Attributes like no-slip technology and reduced treatment time help create a much better whitening experience.

Remember, whitening is the bottom line for strips. It is the details that you want to focus on, and that is where the extra quality lies. Do you research, analyze what you’re looking for in a strip, and you’ll end up with the smile you want.

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