Andis BGRC Clippers Review: Heavy Duty Haircutting

This Andis BGRC Clippers review aims to give you a head to toe guide at understanding this haircutting machine. We're aiming for a fair and unbiased review and we're going to cover the pro's and con's we encounter.

Just know these clippers are highly suited for the hair cutting professional, but if you're looking to cut hair at home these will do the job. These clippers are very good at operating for long periods of time without any issue.​

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Professional Level Clippers

The Andis BGRC Clippers are a professional level of hair clippers. While you can definitely use these hairs clippers at home they're much better suited for the barber shop. If you're venturing into the hair cutting businesses these clippers are also an excellent choice.

​My wife's friend uses these clippers at home so don't feel like you can't. She's got 4 kids and saves a lot of money by cutting hair at home. I recommend cutting hair at home if you can spend a little time learning how. You'll save a lot of money in the long run by doing this. These clippers can withstand a lot of usage and that's why barbers love them.

These ceramic hair clippers don't get hot and are capable of being wired or wireless. If you'd like the comfort of both worlds you'll need the charging base though.​ We cover the issue with the charging base more in our details on the con's of these clippers.

Overall these clippers are more recommended for professional use. Barbers and hairstylists will be able to take full advantage of these clippers. Especially with the way this motor doesn't heat up the clippers and render them hard to use without a rest.​ If you cut hair for money you'll definitely be able to get your business to a good footing with these.

​Andis BGRC Clippers Review

The BGRC Clippers are heavy duty clippers for high volume haircutting. You can knock out a lot of cutting back to back without these clippers giving out. They're known for not getting hot after a lot of usage.

The clippers have a twist bottom which allows you to turn the clippers without getting the cord tangled. The clippers are corded the way they come out of the box but with the charging station you can make them wireless.

You have the option of buying additional ceramic edge heads for these clippers. Ceramic Edge or Ultra Edge are the two brand of clipper heads that work with these clippers. I recommend the Ceramic Edge brand and to pick up the size you need with the purchase of the BGRC Clippers.

In Your Hands

The clippers are thick and feel grippy. It's got a nice feeling in your hands and the swivel bottom really does a good job from keeping the cord out of your way. The only complaint is the clippers might be a little to round. Some women have complained about the clippers being to large for their hands.

Styling Ability

This is where the Andis BGRC Clippers really shine. These will cut through the bulk of your hair cutting very quickly. These clippers just might become your new favorite!

Overall Value

Ok, if there's one single thing you learn about the Andis BGRC Clippers its that they're a great value. The price you pay for these clippers far outweighs the amount of use you'll get out of them without any issue. Not to mention the high quality cuts you'll get.

Here's how we rate them:​

90 %
How's It Feel
95 %
Styling Ability
80 %
Men's Review
90 %
Overall Value
85 %
Our Rating

Features of the BGRC Clippers​

I just want to take a quick moment to talk about the features of the Andis BGRC Clippers. During our BGRC Clippers review we came across some aspects which aren't really advertised, but come from the barbers and hairstylists that have been using these clippers.

We've had several barbers talk about how they've used these all day long and they never got hot. That's almost unheard of when it comes to hair clippers. Eventually the motor gets so hot you just have to give the clippers a break. Apparently not so much with the BGRC.

The swivel bottom might be a better feature than you expect. How often have you had to dance around a pair of hair clippers because the the cord keeps getting in the way.​

If you can fork out a little extra money you can get the charging base that allows you to make it cordless. The best of both worlds is nice. You might ask why even have a cord? Well it's a nice backup option if you're clippers run out of battery.​

Cons Found in Our BGRC Clippers Review

The biggest negative of these clippers is the fact you need to purchase the charging stand separate. If you don't purchase it separate you lose out on the wireless capability of the BGRC.

This would be an ideal purchase if the charging stand came with it. That alone is the big red mark against these clippers. Other than that they're a really amazing pair of hair trimmers.​

Alternatives to the BGRC Clippers​

Oster 76 Classic

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The Oster 76 Classic is a longtime amazing pair of hair clippers. These guys have been in business for a long time and the 76 Classic has been a big seller.

They're not the most appealing to the eye. It's an old school design but don't let that throw you off. The motor in these clippers are a real beast and people have been cutting hair with these for a long time.

They are corded and only come with the clippers and two guards. Guard sizes are 000 and 1. You'll need to purchase additional guards if you don't have them. Here's our full review of the 76 Classic.​

Wahl Professional 5 Star

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The Wahl 5 Star Professional hair clippers are a great affordable alternative. These clippers are cheaper than the BGRC and come with additional guards.

If you're cutting hair at home these will be a better option. They're corded & cordless without having to buy an extra charge station. They're all around cheaper without losing any quality in cut.

You've surely heard of the Wahl brand and know they're a great company. Cut hair at home with these and save money on both hair cuts and in the clippers you purchased.​

Remington Vacuum Hair Clippers

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These Remington Vacuum hair clippers  really should be where all hair clippers head in the future. The convenience of having the hair vacuumed while it's being cut is so huge.

No more need to clean the floors after cutting hair. Which is such a headache if you're cutting hair at home. These remington hair clippers make a great alternative to the Andis BGRC Clippers because they're better for home use.

They're also very affordable​ at around a third of the price depending on your online retailer. I wouldn't use the Remington pair at the barbershop, but they'll do for the kids.

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