Biotene For Bad Breath: Keep Your Mouth Fresh

Having bad breath is in my opinion one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you in a social setting. You might be able to solve your issue with Biotene for bad breath. Biotene has both a liquid mouthwash and a toothpaste available.

Not everyone's bad breath is being caused by the same thing. So it's important to know what may be causing your bad breath in order to fix it.

What's Causing Your Bad Breath?

There are several things that could be the culprit of your bad breath. Some of which are easier to fix than others. Hopefully you fall into one of the more easier to solve causes. Lets try and rule out some of the more common problems:

Food Stuck In Teeth - I'm referring to the food that you can't see in the mirror. These bits of food get stuck in your back teeth and you don't feel them. If you're unable to brush after a meal try chewing some sugar free gum or sucking on mints in hopes the food releases.

Coffee and Cigarettes - Do you enjoy a smoke break at work and several cups of coffee throughout the day? It's no secret these habit forming activities are also a cause of bad breath. If you can't break the cigarette habit then you're limited to masking it. We've also written a post about toothpaste for removing coffee stains.

Digestive Problems - This problem slips by a lot of people. Do you find yourself with heartburn and acid reflux time to time? A diet consisting of greasy foods or spicy foods can cause digestive problems like these. When you burp or have stomach acid rise into the throat it can leave a lingering smell that your friends will be the first to notice.

Dental Issues - I hate going to visit as much as the next guy but if we don't find our dental problems they could be causing bad breath. Leaving dental issues untreated for to long can have more severe consequences than bad breath. It's important to make your check up visits and try and treat the dental problems as they arise.

Throat or Sinus Infections - If you've been sick you may need antibiotics and not mouthwash. Some of these viruses can leave and infection that release a nasty smell. If your bad breath seems to stay around after being sick just give yourself a little more time and it may clear up on its own.

I've written an article with several tips for eliminating bad breath. If you don't think toothpaste or mouthwash is the answer to your problem there may be a suggestion in there that will work for you.

Biotene: The Complete Breakdown

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Biotene creates toothpastes and mouthwash that is formulated to maintain a healthy oral environment. The key takeaway here is that Biotene for bad breath may work best for those suffering from dry mouth.

Biotene doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which makes it better for a dry mouth. Overall from the research I've done that's the only cause of bad breath Biotene may be able to resolve for you.

Does Biotene Work for Bad Breath?

Biotene will work for bad breath if you believe the root cause to be dry mouth. I wouldn't recommend Biotene to fix bad breath if it is being caused by another problem.

Others have tried these products that don't suffer from dry mouth and in the majority of cases no one saw any improvement to their bad breath. I wish I could say there was a single product out there that fixes bad breath no matter the cause but there just isn't one.

You have to take the time to locate the cause of your bad breath if you're truly going to fix it.

Could Your Tonsils Be The Problem?

Have you tried what seems to be everything to cure bad breath? Your issue may be more medical related and not so easily fixed. A big cause of bad breath can come from your tonsils.

Does you throat ever feel sore, dry, or irritated in any way? Try rinsing the deep back parts of your throat with mouthwash for a while. Make sure you're gargling hard and working to clear the back of your throat. Also scrub with your toothbrush on the very back of your tongue.

A common tonsil issue is called tonsil crypts. In the back of your throat there will be these alleys where the tonsils have grown around them. Food particles can get stuck there and it'll make your breath smell bad without much you can do about it.

Habits That Cause Bad Breath

Hopefully your bad breath isn't being caused by your tonsils or any other medical issue. Here's some habits that can cause bad breath. Take a moment and see if you're guilty of any of these.

Mouth Breathing - Do you breathe mostly through your mouth? When this is your main method for breathing you cause a dry environment for your mouth. You reduce how much saliva is in your mouth and saliva helps kill bacteria which can cause bad breath.

Snoring - Do you snore throughout the night? Try using products that stop snoring and see if your breath improves. Snoring also reduces saliva and creates a dry environment that allows smelly bacteria to grow.

Alcohol - If you drink often you're more likely to have bad breath. The scent of alcohol can linger on your breath far after you've been drinking. Depending on the beverage it can also dry your mouth.

These bad habits can cause halitosis or chronic bad breath and it isn't something a little chewing gum or mints will be able to cover up. If you think you've developed halitosis consult your doctor and request a throat specialist.

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