How To Shave With A Safety Razor With Ease

Safety razor and a shaving cream

If you cut yourself while shaving a lot, you might want to think about using a safety razor. However, the fact that it’s a safety razor doesn’t mean it’s easy to use. There are a few things that you should learn when it comes to how to shave with a safety razor. Quick Navigation How […]

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Best Way To Shave Head Without A Razor

best way to shave head without a razor

What’s the best way to shave head without a razor? If you’re shaving your head on a regular basis you know how tiring it can become. Having to go through the entire shave routine nearly every day makes you want to find an alternative. Below you’ll find a number of different ways to shave your head […]

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What’s The Best Stubble Trimmer? Top 6 Revealed

man in white shirt shaving his beard

If you like the stubbled look, then you might be on the lookout for a quality beard or stubble trimmer. Perhaps you’ve read some reviews online or strolled through the men’s grooming section of a retail store.There are no less than a few dozen beard and stubble trimmers available today, and all of them claim […]

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The Best Double Edge Razor Blades Available

Shaving. Boy is it annoying. But there are things, like the best double edge razor blades, that can make it a little better. And anything that can make shaving more enjoyable is something we all need in our lives. If you are an everyday shaver, you’ve probably had many, many pieces of tissue paper stuck […]

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The Best Way To Shave Your Back By Yourself

best way to shave your back

There are several ways to remove back hair from waxing to laser hair removal but what’s the best way to shave your back? Shaving is the simplest and easiest solution to tackle unwanted back hair and it’s something you’re already familiar with. The problem is back hair can be hard to reach. It’s difficult to see […]

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How to Get Rid of Beard Dandruff for Good

Photo of a man with beard wearing a black jacket

While most people are split on the look of a beard itself – some love it and others, not so much – one thing that almost all people agree upon is that a beard needs to be extremely clean to look good. There’s almost no bigger turn-off than a dirty, unkempt beard, and one of […]

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What’s The Best Hair Wax For Men? Top 5 Revealed

Shirtless man with curly wet hair

Whether you’re new to styling products or have great familiarity with them, the sheer number of hair product choices at an average retail store can be overwhelming for most buyers.This article intends to determine the best wax for men based on customer and professional reviews, and help buyers pick out a product that best suits […]

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What’s the Best Shaving Cream? Top 7 Revealed

Barber is shaving the beard of his customer using the razor

Most men are interested in getting the best shave possible. Whether their intent is to protect their skin, showcase a well-kept beard, or simply to look as good as they can, great facial grooming begins with a great shaving cream.Maybe you’ve used a certain brand or simply have no preference, but like anything else, some […]

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