The Ultimate List of Hobbies for Men

the ultimate list of manly hobbies

If you’re looking to discover a new hobby or pastime you’ve found the right post. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of hobbies for men and structured them in an easy to find way. Each hobby on our list comes with a brief description of what the hobby involves, if you need any particular items to […]

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Top 5 Best Body Groomers for Men Now

best body groomer for men

So you’re ready to tame your wild body hair, but you need a body groomer. Whatever you do don’t use the hair clippers to manage your body hair — we know you probably already tried. Either way, we’ll guide you to the best body groomer for men in way that you’ll enjoy the ride. Preview […]

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Here’s What Women Really Think About Your Beard

what do women think about beards

Beards are definitely in style and they seem to be springing up everywhere. There’s an unspoken bro code when a man sees’s another man with a good looking beard. It’s respectable and it’s like being a member of a special club. You may give each other a nod as you walk by or a quick […]

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The Grooms Guide to Weddings

grooms guide to weddings

There are many guides out there for women surrounding the time before, during, and after their wedding. There are a lot of tips and great information to make the process and their experience a pleasant and smooth one. With the piles of stress that come with getting married these great resources are extremely useful and […]

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What is Manscaping?

What is Manscaping

What is manscaping?┬áManscaping is “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect“. That’s the quick and easy answer, but there’s really a lot more to learning what manscaping really is. Gentlemen of all shapes and sizes have really gotten into manscaping. It’s an art that can change your appearance drastically […]

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Beard Pomade Recipe: 6 DIY Recipes for Your Beard

beard pomade recipe

Looking for a beard pomade recipe? Beard pomades or beard balms are the waxy based version of beard oils that you grow into as your beard gets bigger. They provide a good hold, protect your beard, and help you keep your beard under control. Creating your own beard pomade at home (DIY) can be a fun […]

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How To Remove Beard Dye: Facial Hair or Skin

how to remove beard dye

If you’re looking for somewhere to learn how to remove beard dye then you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve covered both the method to removing beard dye from your facial hair and removing beard dye from your skin. Coloring your hair can be a difficult process when it’s on your face. I’ve come to the […]

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How To Use Beard Wax: Up Your Beard Game

how to use beard wax

Want to learn how to use beard wax? It’s the next step beyond beard oil in your beardsman journey. Beard wax is a excellent product that provides you with a way to style your beard that provides a light hold. Your whole beard game is about to change for the better. Once you start using beard […]

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