How to Style a Goatee the Easy Way

How to Style a Goatee

Learning how to style a goatee isn’t all that difficult. It does take some patience and time, but if you’re patient you’ll have an amazing goatee. The first thing you need to figure out is what kind of goatee would you like to have? I find that Pinterest Goatee Styles is a good area to check […]

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Manscaping Groin: A Mans Guide

Manscaping Groin, let me┬áteach you the how to’s of manscaping unscathed. Because let us be honest it isn’t really something you’re going to ask a friend to show you, right? How awkward could that get! If you want to master this art you’ll need some manscaping tools, a good cream, and a somewhat steady hand […]

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The Best Razor for Manscaping

best razor for manscaping

The best razor for manscaping is probably a very unnoticed tool by the majority of men. The best razor for manscaping is actually the Gillette Venus Disposable Razor. It’s a women’s razor that gets the job done a lot better than most others.Don’t forget we’re talking about razors and not another tool like a mans […]

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