Brozilian: What is it and Should You Do It?

For the dedicated manscaper, the Brozilian is the ultimate in genital hair removal. It involves the use of wax to remove hair from your private parts in much the same manner as waxing other areas.

If total hair removal is your goal you cannot go wrong with a Brozilian. with regular appointments, you can be hairless, smooth, and fresh for weeks on end.

Wait up!

Before you go running for the hills while declaring it’ll be a cold day before you let hot wax anywhere near your coin purse, relax. The Brozilian may sound intimidating but it’s not nearly as scary as you might think.

The process involves the application of wax to your private parts which is then removed with a wax strip. If you’ve ever seen or experienced waxing firsthand, you get the idea.

If you’re thinking about getting a Brozilian, you probably have a few questions. We’ve waded through the facts to present the straight up info on waxing down below.

We’re waxing what now?

A Brozilian refers to waxing your pubic area including the base and shaft of your penis, scrotum, and the surrounding areas. Some spas will offer different services that will include your butt and taint area as well.

There are many spas that offer male waxing. If you’re curious as to what’s on the menu, call around and inquire about their services and prices.

Can I do it myself?

If you’re not an experienced waxer, we can’t recommend trying this at home. Some more experienced manscapers have no issue waxing themselves.

With a little practice, you can certainly learn how to wax your own balls. Just be careful if you’re not familiar with it.

Is it expensive?

Like anything, the cost of a Brozilian varies based on where you live and what type of spa you go to. Most spas charge between $50-$100 for the service.

Will it hurt?

You should expect a certain amount of pain or discomfort from the Brozilian or any type of waxing for that matter. How much pain depends greatly on the amount of hair and your personal tolerance for pain.

While that might not sound like a glowing endorsement, many men find the process relatively pain free. In fact, you may find it’s no worse than ripping off a band-aid.

How should I prepare?

Wherever you choose to wax, a certain amount of prep work will help things go a lot more smoothly. You will find that if you trim yourself down to a manageable hair level the night before, you’ll minimize the amount of discomfort you might otherwise experience.

Let’s Keep it Clean Now

You WERE planning on cleaning yourself first, right? Aside from being courteous to the individual performing the procedure you’ll also exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliating any area you plan on manscaping helps to prepare your skin and hair follicles for waxing or shaving. It will help make things go more smoothly (pun intended).

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

To get the full benefits of the Brozilian, a few repeat trips are necessary. Since hair grows at different lengths and angles, you will likely only remove 99% or so of the hair on your first trip.

In general, waxing your body will cause the hair growth to slow or stop. This means that eventually you may see the effects last longer.

Isn’t it embarrassing?

Women get this type of wax down all the time so it’s not the most embarrassing thing in the world. Furthermore, the cosmetologist does this all day long so you aren’t showing them anything new.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this is the cosmetologists job so believe us, they’ve heard all the jokes you have running through your head. Keep it professional now.

Will I get an erection?

You’re going to be naked and someone will be handling your naughty bits. You may find yourself become aroused either out of nervousness or genuine excitement.

Spas, like massage parlors, are aware that sometimes these things happen. It’s important that you act like an adult and not make a big deal out of it.

male Brazilian waxing or brozilian

How long does it take?

Your first Brozilian appointment may take up to an hour or so. After your first visit you may find the process goes more swiftly.

Additionally, your waxer may apply cooling gel to the affected area to help ease discomfort. Some waxers will also advise you on how to deal with pain and this can add time to your first trip.

Will it last?

If you’re wondering how long the effects will last, on average you can expect to be smooth for about 2-4 weeks, sometimes more. This will vary greatly on your hair type.

What are the risks?

The Brozilian is a fairly safe process however there are always downsides. Discomfort from the actual procedure is like to be your biggest complaint, as well as redness and sensitive skin after waxing.

Waxing any part of your body can produce red, irritated skin. Typically this will subside within a few hours.

Is it better than shaving?

That depends on your definition of “better.” The effects of waxing last longer than a typical manscaping shave and over time can have lasting effects.

Shaving your nether region with a razor blade is more convenient and can be done safely at home. Your Brozilian typically needs to be performed by a cosmetologist in a spa, unless you have a very open-minded friend who’s willing to help out.

So should You Get A Brozilian?

If you can get past the awkwardness and the discomfort, a Brozilian is a great way to remove hair from your crotch and the surrounding areas.

The relatively low cost compared to other spa treatments also makes the Brozilian an attractive manscaping service.

With practice and education, you can even learn how to perform a Brozilian on yourself at home. This can help ease the financial burden of having it done in a spa.

If your goal is smooth, total hair removal, the Brozilian is definitely the way to go!

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