Can You Use Regular Shaving Cream With A Safety Razor

When you're new to the world of safety razors you're gonna have a lot of questions. A common question is can you use regular shaving cream with a safety razor? There's a lot of options out there for shaving cream once you explore deeper.

You once thought the canned shaving cream you use from your local store was the only type around. You've seen the canned gel as well but probably only lightly dabbled with it. Now with safety razors you've got self lathering creams, shave soaps, and the whole lathering process you'll have to learn as well.

Here's the breakdown for safety razors and the shaving creams that go along with them.

can you use regular shaving cream with a safety razor

First, Using Normal Shaving Cream

You can use regular shaving cream with a safety razor. However, it isn't recommended and should really only be used if you're in a pinch. Here's why...

Shaving cream is the foundation of your shaving routine. It's the one key ingredient you need to make your shaves silky smooth. Shaving cream helps protect your skin and allows your razor to glide over the skin while cutting hairs.

Regular shaving cream has a couple of issues. It's more difficult to massage the cream into the skin so you don't get the same facial hair raise as you would using the right shave cream and brush. It typically applies to thick and this causes it to get in the way while you're shaving. Lastly, regular shaving cream doesn't come with the natural ingredients you can find with other safety razor creams.

Second, Use Safety Razor Creams

Just bite the bullet and take the time to learn how to lather your own shave cream. It won't take you long to learn how to do this and your shaving cream will stretch much further. I'll cover how to lather shaving cream below.

There are a lot of options for safety razor shaving creams. This gives you the opportunity to try out different creams and find something suitable to your skin and personal taste. You can find 100% all natural shave creams or creams made with healthy amounts of Vitamin E.

Things that are much more difficult to find in canned shave creams from large retailers. One of my favorite safety razor shaving creams comes in a sandalwood scent. It's called Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood on Amazon.

Different Types of Shaving Creams

There are a few types of shaving cream available. Depending on which one you buy you might have to lather it a different way. Different shave creams can result in completely different shaving experiences.

Tubed Cream - This shave cream comes in a tube similar to toothpaste. The good thing about this format is it's very easy to squeeze out cream into your shave bowl. They come in sizes ranging between 5-6oz typically but there seems to be less variety overall.

Bowl Cream - This shave cream comes in a small bowl shaped container. With this format you'll pick out dabs with your finger to place in your shave bowl. It's slightly less convenient than the squeeze tube but there seems to be more variety. Also, don't let the bowl confuse you into thinking you get less cream. The bowls still come in 5-6oz sizes.

Shave Soap - This shave cream comes in a solid state disc format. This is the more unique type of shaving cream but it's quite easy to use. Instead of placing the cream into a bowl you wet your brush and swirl it directly on the shave soap and then swirl in your bowl. It's a different process and these appear to last longer than the tubes or bowl formats.

How to Use Your Shaving Cream

Some people don't understand the whole lathering process. They're accustom to the canned shave cream and when you make the swap to safety razors lathering is a task you have to learn. Luckily, it's not that complicated.

Step 1) Gather you tools. You're going to need a bowl to mix your lather, a shave brush, and your shave cream. The following steps are for creams and not shave soap.

Step 2) Place roughly a nickle size amount of shave cream into your bowl.

Step 3) Splash a few drops of warm water into bowl with the cream.

Step 4) Swirl your shave brush in the bowl with the water and cream until it becomes a rich lather texture. You may need to go back and add more cream if it appears bubbly or more water if it appears to thick.

Once you've got this process down it should only take roughly two minutes to complete.

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