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How to Make Your Own Beard Growth Oil

beard growth oil

Let’s face it – growing a beard can be a practice in patience. This is especially true for those men with a genetic predisposition to hair loss, or those who experience low testosterone levels.Fortunately, there are natural ways to grow your beard faster. One such way is with the use of a homemade beard growth […]

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Why Your Beard Bald Patch Appeared Out of the Blue

beard bald patch

Having a beard bald patch sucks. It’s basically the missing piece to your perfect manly mane. For some men, beard patchiness is just a genetic issue. It’s not something you can really avoid for those men but it can be fixed with something like Minoxidil.However, that isn’t the issue we’re talking about right now. We’re […]

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7 Easy Solutions to Prevent Acne After Shaving

acne after shaving

Getting acne after shaving is a very annoying experience. I’ve been there myself and I used to despise shaving because of it. You get some acne and it makes your next shave session more difficult and by shaving, you get more acne.It can be a terrible cycle to get stuck in but fortunately, there are […]

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Beard Greatness Comes with Beard Responsibility

beard gains featured

This is a sponsored post by Beard Gains. All opinions are our own. In today’s world, beards are a modern male trend. You can see them on many celebrities and fashion icons today. When growing a beard there’s often the temptation to allow it to be wild, like when growing one’s hair out. In order […]

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9 Natural Ways to Grow Your Beard Faster

natural ways to grow a beard faster

Historically, a thick beard has been a symbol of masculinity and power in many societies around the world. Growing a full beard depends on your testosterone levels and is influenced by your genetics.Therefore, it requires a certain level of patience. However, with the following tips on growing your beard, you can accelerate the process.1. Stay […]

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Brace Your Beards: Winter is Coming

winter beard

To some people a beard is nothing more than a facial feature, but to others it is the ultimate form of self-expression. Even at a first glance it is easy to differentiate between a beard that is result of careful grooming and that which stems from simply not shaving.In other words, growing a true manly […]

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Can Black People Get Lice? The Simple Truth!

can black people get lice

Can black people get lice? The answer is yes, but they are less likely to get lice than a white person. On average, 10.4% of white children will get head lice at some point while they are in school while only 0.3% of black children will be infested.Interestingly enough, the head lice do not carry […]

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