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Here’s What Women Really Think About Your Beard

what do women think about beards

Beards are definitely in style and they seem to be springing up everywhere. There’s an unspoken bro code when a man sees’s another man with a good looking beard. It’s respectable and it’s like being a member of a special club. You may give each other a nod as you walk by or a quick […]

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Beard Pomade Recipe: 6 DIY Recipes for Your Beard

beard pomade recipe

Looking for a beard pomade recipe? Beard pomades or beard balms are the waxy based version of beard oils that you grow into as your beard gets bigger. They provide a good hold, protect your beard, and help you keep your beard under control. Creating your own beard pomade at home (DIY) can be a fun […]

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How To Remove Beard Dye: Facial Hair or Skin

how to remove beard dye

If you’re looking for somewhere to learn how to remove beard dye then you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve covered both the method to removing beard dye from your facial hair and removing beard dye from your skin. Coloring your hair can be a difficult process when it’s on your face. I’ve come to the […]

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How To Use Beard Wax: Up Your Beard Game

how to use beard wax

Want to learn how to use beard wax? It’s the next step beyond beard oil in your beardsman journey. Beard wax is a excellent product that provides you with a way to style your beard that provides a light hold. Your whole beard game is about to change for the better. Once you start using beard […]

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6 Options For Your Beard Oil Substitute

beard oil substitute

Looking for a great beard oil substitute? There are a couple different options at your disposal when looking for alternatives to beard oil. You know you should be taking care of your beard but for one reason or another you need something different. Below you’ll find what I’ve come across to be the very best options […]

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How Long To Leave Minoxidil On Face?

how long to leave minoxidil on face

How long to leave Minoxidil on your face? Minoxidil is a powerful product for growing hair and it can be used nearly anywhere you want to see hair growth. If you’re looking for a thicker fuller beard or have issues with beard patchiness etc.. then Minoxidil can help you. Below I’ve answered your question and several […]

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How Long Does Minoxidil Take To Work For Beards

how long does minoxidil take to work beard

How long does Minoxidil take to work on beards? Are you looking for a product that’s going to give you some real results for your beard? Not some hoax or waste of time spray that claims to work but a real over the counter drug directly known for growing facial hair. Minoxidil is the key ingredients […]

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How Long Does Just For Men Last?

how long does just for men last

How long does just for men last? You thinking about coloring your hair or beard? If you’ve never used Just for Men before you’re likely worried about all sorts of things. Which color to pick, how to use it, will the color match, and a wide variety of other things. I’ve covered a list of the […]

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