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Does Brushing Your Beard Help It Grow?

does brushing your beard help it grow

Does brushing your beard help it grow? It’s a popular question and the answer isn’t crystal clear because it’s both yes and no. Brushing your beard can assist your beard growth and help you to get a fuller healthier beard. The downside is that brushing to often can have the opposite effect. When you over brush […]

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When to Start Using Beard Oil

when to start using beard oil

You’ve heard all the buzz around beard oil but don’t know when to start using beard oil. Truth be told there’s a couple factors that really determine when you should start using beard oil. While you can begin using it right from the beginning when you start growing a beard it isn’t necessary for everyone […]

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Does Shaving Everyday Help You Grow a Beard

does shaving everyday help you grow a beard

You’re looking for ways to help you grow a beard quicker and with a lot of misinformation floating around it can seem like a difficult question to answer. Does shaving everyday help you grow a beard or if you shave your mustache does it grow thicker? Both questions are quite common and we’re going to help […]

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How to: Moisturizing the Skin Under Your Beard

moisturizing skin under beard

When you first decided to grow out a beard you thought it would be an amazing upgrade to your appearance. You were likely right, but you may have not realized some of the growing pains of actually growing a beard. Moisturizing the skin under your beard is something we all have to learn as our beards […]

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How to Make Your Beard Hair Straight

how to make your beard hair straight

Learning how to make your beard hair straight on your own can seem a bit like an experiment. You want to tame your wild beard hairs and turn them into an amazingly straight style. Have you ever experienced the painful side of having a wild beard?It’s a sort of toughness you get from the wild […]

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How to Make Your Own Beard Growth Oil

beard growth oil

Let’s face it – growing a beard can be a practice in patience. This is especially true for those men with a genetic predisposition to hair loss, or those who experience low testosterone levels. Fortunately, there are natural ways to grow your beard faster. One such way is with the use of a homemade beard growth […]

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Why Your Beard Bald Patch Appeared Out of the Blue

beard bald patch

Having a beard bald patch sucks. It’s basically the missing piece to your perfect manly mane. For some men, beard patchiness is just a genetic issue. It’s not something you can really avoid for those men but it can be fixed with something like Minoxidil. However, that isn’t the issue we’re talking about right now. We’re […]

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