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Beard Greatness Comes with Beard Responsibility

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This is a sponsored post by Beard Gains. All opinions are our own. In today’s world, beards are a modern male trend. You can see them on many celebrities and fashion icons today. When growing a beard there’s often the temptation to allow it to be wild, like when growing one’s hair out. In order […]

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Lovely Beards: Organic Beard Products

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This post in sponsored by Lovely Beards. All opinions are my own. When it comes to your beard the one thing you don’t want to do is neglect it. In the beginning, your beard is quite easy to manage and maintain but as you grow that manly mane you’ll need the help of some beard […]

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9 Natural Ways to Grow Your Beard Faster

natural ways to grow a beard faster

Historically, a thick beard has been a symbol of masculinity and power in many societies around the world. Growing a full beard depends on your testosterone levels and is influenced by your genetics. Therefore, it requires a certain level of patience. However, with the following tips on growing your beard, you can accelerate the process.1. Stay […]

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Beard Supplements: Should you be using them?

beard supplements

Beard supplements can be a great way to complete your beard. If you’re having problems with patchiness, mustache not connecting, or little to no beard growth then supplements might be what you need. Ideally supplements are best for those who don’t want to apply a facial product or have sensitive skin. We’ll cover the details, price, […]

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Beard Balm vs Beard Oil: Which One Should You Use?

beard balm vs beard oil

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil has been a long discussed topic. We know we should be using a beard product to help keep our beards healthy, but which of these two products should we be using? Each one actually serves a slightly different purpose while still having some of the same traits as the other. Our […]

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Minoxidil Beard Growth: The Key to a Beard You’ll Love

minoxidil beard

Minoxidil beard growth is a quick and effective solution to troublesome beards. Minoxidil is essentially Rogaine as it’s the key ingredient, but we prefer the direct product that you can buy instead. This stuff is like the holy grail of beard growing.​ If you’re having trouble growing a beard, patchiness, thin hairs, or just very low […]

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Top 5 Best Beard Combs for Your Manly Mane

best beard comb

Your beard isn’t going to look great all on its own. It’s going to need a little help from a couple different beard products and that’s why we’re going to find you the best beard comb. Without a little help from these beard grooming tools your beard would look a mess. Just like beard oil a […]

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Brace Your Beards: Winter is Coming

winter beard

To some people a beard is nothing more than a facial feature, but to others it is the ultimate form of self-expression. Even at a first glance it is easy to differentiate between a beard that is result of careful grooming and that which stems from simply not shaving. In other words, growing a true manly […]

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