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Beard Dye Made Simple: How to Guide for Average Joe

beard dye guide

So you’ve got some grey hairs and you want to know if beard dye and coloring is the route you should take. Beard dye is a great way to cover them pesky gray hairs and keep you looking youthful. There’s a couple nuggets of knowledge you want to know before going down this path. I’ll make […]

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The #1 Beard Growth Spray for Maximum Beard Performance

beard growth spray

If you have problems growing a full beard that’s where beard growth spray comes in. A full beard fills us with confidence, looks masculine, and really boosts self-esteem when you’re able to grow a full one. What about those of us that can’t grow a full beard on our own? For some of us that can’t […]

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9 Big Reasons For Being Bald with a Beard You’ll Love

bald guys with beards

Men, let’s face facts. Being bald isn’t something that most of us want. Being bald with a beard, however, is something we can all get behind. Going bald with a beard offers a number of different possibilities that our haired friends can’t quite pull off or make work. I see a lot of men who go […]

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13 Thrilling Halloween Beard Costume Ideas

Halloween Beard Costume Ideas

If you have a well-groomed beard or like the appearance of a beard but can’t grow one, Halloween beard costume ideas are perfect for the occasion. However, how many times have you gone looking for an idea that excites you and come up short? I’ve faced the same problem and over time have kept a […]

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13 Valuable Methods on How to Stop Beard Itch

how to stop beard itch

Congratulations, you’ve decided to grow a beard. It’s a flowing, beautiful beard. The only problem is that now that it’s coming in, it itches like someone smeared fire ants all over your face. You need help fast. You need to know how to stop beard itch. Are you ready? Here we go. What Causes Beard […]

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21 Killer Beards You Need to See by Average Joes

average beards

We’ve put together a great list of average Joe’s that have some rather great beards. I asked these guys for a good picture of their beard, some details about it, and to throw in any other input they felt like giving.The outcome is our great little list below. Compare your beard and see how you […]

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The Best Moustache Wax Review and Ultimate Guide

best moustache wax review

The best moustache wax review! There are different types of moustache waxes that have different purposes. If you’re a beginner you might not have known this. There’s waxes for daily use, medium holds, and extra strength holds. Every day is different so if you’re having a not so good moustache day then you might need a different […]

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9 Beard Dandruff Solutions To Start Today

beard dandruff solutions

Nothing is quite as frustrating as beard dandruff that won’t go away. You spend hours cleaning and grooming your beautiful face only to find you still have dry, itchy flakes. Many bearded men experience this even if they’ve never had a problem with head dandruff.What Gives?Beard dandruff is the same as head dandruff in that […]

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