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Beard Waxing for Men: Should You Do It?

beard waxing for men

Beard waxing for men is a practice that is picking up speed both in the manscaping community and men in general. If you’re a manscaper you’ve no doubt wondered whether or not waxing is right for you. As a manscaper, you are always looking for ways to up your manscaping game and waxing your face […]

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Top 50 Beard Friendly States

Beard Infographic

There’s so much attention around beards and there place in the modern world. You hear all different things coming from different facets, but the one thing that we’re guaranteed to know is beards will always be around. Where society places bearded men however is a completely different point of view. Bearded men have been seen as […]

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What Beard Oils for Facial Hair Growth Work Best?

oils for facial hair growth

There are beard oils for facial hair growth that can aid you in growing that manly mane. It’s also important to know that the right beard oil isn’t the only thing you’ll need to achieve good beard growth. There are multiple factors that come into play which can affect your beards ability to grow and […]

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5 Quick Easy Steps to Make Your Beard Softer

How do I make my beard softer

So you’ve decided to grow a beard. Even better, you were successful! So now that you’ve got this magnificent marker of manhood adorning your face, you might be running into some of the problems that bearded men have faced for millennia. Namely, you might be trying to straighten, shape, or tame your beard in one […]

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10 Different Types of Beard Styles You’ll Love

different types of beard styles

​Image Source:​Different types of beard styles. They’re everywhere these days, right? In our view, this is unequivocally a good thing, and we’ll explain why. Historically, beards have gone in and out of fashion but have always remained rock steady for certain rugged corners of the male world. The twentieth century brought advances in grooming […]

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10 Best Long Beard Styles for Men

long beard styles for men

Long beards for men is a commitment and a statement of masculinity. Consider all the issues before you decide to grow a long beard. You must be patient and disciplined. If you are, the appearance you present to family, friends and co-workers will be pleasing and socially accepted.

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The Best Goatee Styles of Today

best goatee styles

What’s the best goatee styles? Where better to start than with the real thing. I’m not going to proclaim it’s the best goatee ever but I can guarantee you it’s the most authentic one you’re going to find. Our search for the best goatee is really more of a pick your poison kind of approach. […]

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What Beard Style is Right for Me?

what beard style is right for me

What Beard Style is Right for Me? If you’re anything like me, you’re always experimenting with your beard to see what looks best. Your mirror is your best friend, well, sometimes anyway. The fact that you keep experimenting means something. It just never seems like you have it right. So, the mirror is really only […]

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