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Mens Hairstyles with Beards: Separate or Coordinated?

mens hairstyles with beards

The feature image portrays the mood I like to feel when I look at how men present themselves by the means of how they present themselves to their family, co-workers and friends. I like to see strength, a man at peace with himself and a study of wisdom and confidence. Calmness and serenity abound because […]

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Most Popular Beard Styles – Then and Now

most popular beard styles

The feature graphic from the archives of the Library of Congress demonstrates the timeless nature of most popular beard styles and establishes our Then and Now theme. Essentially, what existed many years ago still exists today with personal variations at the whim of the wearer. The popularity of beard styles is driven by many factors including […]

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The Great Mustache Styles for Black Men

mustache styles for black men

Mustache Styles for Black MenThe first question you have to ask yourself is whether or not there are unique mustache styles for black men. My research seems to converge on the answer that mustache styles for black men are pretty much the same as mustache styles for all men. The distinguishing factors are caught up […]

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10 Rad Short Beard Styles and Why You Should Rock Them

short beard styles

Let’s face it: short beard styles are in. You can whine, scream, kick and scratch all you want but it won’t change the fact that men are getting fuzzier – and by virtue, more clueless about how to deal with it. A beard requires work. It requires care. Letting your face grow uncontrollably will leave […]

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Manliness and Different Types of Beards

different types of beards

The art of manliness seems to be getting lost in the evolution of loosening social tolerance for accepting people for whatever they choose to be whether born man or woman. Medical science has provided the means and society has provided the way. So be it and I do not begrudge anyone their choice of lifestyle. […]

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The Best How to Style a Beard Guide

how to style a beard

Just like a lot of guys out there you may have recently decided to grow a beard. Since you’re now growing a beard you also need to learn how to style a beard. Something you probably didn’t think of at first but, don’t worry neither did I! I’ve put together the must know information and some […]

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5 Great Black Men Beard Styles

black men beard styles

We’ve got five great black men beard styles that I think you’ll really like. Beards and facial hair are a very important part of anyone’s overall look. Changing your facial hair can give you an entirely different look. Since you’re probably looking for an option to grow into or shave into I decided to put […]

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10 Great Haircuts for Men with Beards

haircuts for men with beards

We’ve got ten great haircuts for men with beards that we think you’ll really like. So you’re looking for a new haircut that matches your beard or your “to be” beard. Either way you’re going to want something that compliments you and your style. A new haircut can make you look like an entirely new person. […]

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