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What is Manscaping?

What is Manscaping

What is manscaping?┬áManscaping is “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect“. That’s the quick and easy answer, but there’s really a lot more to learning what manscaping really is. Gentlemen of all shapes and sizes have really gotten into manscaping. It’s an art that can change your appearance drastically […]

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Does Gel Deodorant Work Better?

Does gel deodorant work better

Does gel deodorant work better? Are you looking for an alternative solution to your current deodorant? There are three main types of deodorant you can choose from: stick, gel, or spray. Each one has some pro’s and cons and I’ll cover some of those in this article.Gel deodorant is my personal favorite but I’ll leave […]

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Tria Vs Iluminage Hair Removal Lasers Review

tria vs iluminage hair removal

In this article I’m going to cover aspects of Tria Vs Iluminage hair removal lasers. Both of these products are similar in price so we need to determine what really sets them apart from each other.With laser hair removal growing more popular people are trying out everything. We don’t want you to be one of […]

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Me Chic Vs Me Smooth Comparison Review

me chic vs me smooth

This Me Chic Vs Me Smooth comparison review aims to break down the unique aspects of these two devices. There’s some unique advantages and disadvantages to each one and with our help you’ll hopefully be able to make an excellent decision.Laser hair removal is the best method that will lead to permanent hair removal. These […]

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3 Steps For Waxing Your Own Pubic Hair

waxing your own pubic hair

Are you looking for a quick and easy method for waxing your own pubic hair? Well I wish I could tell you it’ll also be painless but there’s some pain involved but it’s tolerable. Get ready for some minor bathroom acrobatics.The next time you step out of the bathroom you’re going to be smooth and […]

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How To Do A Brazilian Wax Step By Step

how to do a brazilian wax step by step

How to do a Brazilian wax step by step. This guide will show you how to both give yourself or someone else a great Brazilian wax. Waxing is a semi-permanent form of hair removal which gives you between 4-6 weeks of no hair. It removes your pubic hair directly from the roots.The process does involve […]

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Permanent Pubic Hair Removal At Home

permanent pubic hair removal at home

Permanent pubic hair removal at home is difficult to achieve. There’s several methods you can use for long lasting hair removal results but only one option that can lead to permanent hair removal.Our society today expects either highly trimmed pubes or complete pubic hair removal. It can be difficult to keep up with sort of […]

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