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The Proper Manscaping Techniques No One Showed You

proper manscaping techniques

A proper manscaping technique isn’t something your parents or friends are going to show you. A lot of us have to go it alone and learn along the way. Problem with that is there’s a lot of pain and irritation along that path of knowledge. Others, like yourself, go to the internet and do some […]

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DZ-Nuts and Why You Should Love Them


DZ-Nuts is a business geared towards athletic individuals and helping them take care of their bits. If you’re anything like me your friends wouldn’t use athletic as an adjective to describe you. That being said I still loved the shave dz-nuts left me with. We did some thorough testing. My wife and I both used […]

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Guide to What to use for Manscaping

What to use for Manscaping

What to use for manscaping? That’s why you’re here and luckily for you we’re the experts on manscaping. There’s probably a few more items required to manscape properly than you might realize. Don’t let that worry you though. We’re going to break down what you need in this quick and to the point post.Something to […]

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How to Manscape Safely Guide

How to Manscape Safely

Our guide on how to manscape safely will cover everything you need to be aware of. Manscaping is the more modern term for men’s shaving hygiene. The term covers more than just below your belt and that’s important to know before we dive into this topic. We’ve written more on what manscaping actually is in […]

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How Do You Manscape: A Manscaping Guide

How do you manscape

How do you manscape? Let’s eliminate one misconception right now. Manscaping is not all about waxing every hair off your body. It’s an option but you don’t have to go to the extreme. The practical man will sit down and think about what works for him and what works for the significant others in his […]

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How to Shave Your Butt

How to Shave Your Butt

How to shave your butt? It’s not the easiest thing to ask someone. That’s why I’m putting it here so you don’t have to! First off why shave your butt? Well, the argument I like to throw out there is… why not? We shave everywhere on our bodies except a few places for some people. […]

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How to Shave for a Vasectomy

How to Shave for Vasectomy

So you want to know how to shave for vasectomy. Now this can be a very interesting topic! First let me ask you… how long did it take your spouse to talk you into getting snipped? Leave a comment below. In a more serious since of things, shaving for a vasectomy is essentially just shaving […]

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