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Our Picks For The Top 9 Types Of Mustaches Wax Brands Of 2019

male mustache

Mustaches are not for everyone. They are for an elite crew of fuzzy-lipped individualists who may look like lumberjacks, fisticuff brawlers, wandering guitarists, or circus strong-men, but who are always following their own paths. The mustache indicates a willingness to go against the clean-shaven image of masculinity that razor companies tend to push. Because the […]

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13 Benefits to Leaving Argan Oil In Your Hair Overnight

leaving argan oil in hair overnight

Argan oil does amazing things for your hair’s health. A simple mind-off approach to reaping these benefits would be leaving argan oil in hair overnight. It’s important to have a healthy head of hair for many reasons. Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. It plays a major role in first […]

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Bentonite Clay for Dandruff Hair Treatment (Before and After)

bentonite clay for dandruff

Does bentonite clay for dandruff really work? Are you super frustrated with your dandruff and it seems that no matter what you do it always tends to come back? Unfortunately for some people dandruff can be a huge problem. It’s a little embarrassing because it makes you seem like a dirty person to someone uneducated on […]

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The Secret on How to Look Good Bald

how to look good bald

How to look good bald? Ok, so there’s not really a “secret” to looking good bald. Being bald or experiencing hair loss doesn’t make you look bad. It just gives you less to work with on your personal appearance. The biggest misconception is that you’re going to not look great bald.The Secret of Being Bald is […]

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Can Black People Get Lice? The Simple Truth!

can black people get lice

Can black people get lice? The answer is yes, but they are less likely to get lice than a white person. On average, 10.4% of white children will get head lice at some point while they are in school while only 0.3% of black children will be infested. Interestingly enough, the head lice do not carry […]

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Hair Clay, Pomades, Wax, and Gels: Comparison Review

hair clay hair product for men

Great style starts from your head to your toes. After-all we typically notice someone’s face and its features first when we first meet. It’s this very reason why we’re so obsessed with products like hair clay, pomades, hair wax, and gels. These hair styling products keep our style lasting all day. They give us what we […]

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11 Awesome Receding Hairline Haircuts that Look Great

receding hairline haircut

We’ve got a great collection of receding hairline haircuts for you to choose from. We’ve kept our list modern, up to date, and obviously stylish. It’s important to have a complimenting hairstyle to fit a receding hairline. We to often see this ignored. Often men don’t want to admit their hairline may be receding or they’re very […]

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Top 5 Best Leave-in Conditioners for Men

Best Leave-in Conditioner for Men

Every man has heard of hair conditioner before. Many of us use it frequently. We know that conditioner gives our hair that soft, smooth feeling and shine. A product that some men might not be too familiar with is leave-in conditioner. If the thought of leave-in conditioner is something that leaves you scratching your head […]

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