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Gillette Body Razor Review: Designed for Body Hair

Gillette Body Razor Review

Our Gillette body razor review aims to inform you how well this body razor will work for you. There’s a lot of options out there to tackle your body hair but Gillette claims their body razor is designed for body hair specifically.We’re going to give you the positive and negative aspects of this body razor. […]

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Viking Chieftain Safety Razor Review

Viking Chieftain Razor Review

Our Viking Chieftain safety razor review aims to provide you with complete details on this safety razor. Our goal is to make sure you’re able to make an informed decision to buy or not buy this razor.Unlike other reviews online we’ll make sure to point out the flaws in the Viking Chieftain razor that seem […]

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The Best Damascus Steel Straight Razors for Sale

damascus steel straight razor

​A Damascus steel straight razor is a piece of shaving beauty. The designs in the metal really make it a work of art and they can be really good razors too.There’s a lot of misinformation on Damascus steel​ being used for straight razors. Unfortunately, there were some bad experiences but we would like to set […]

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The 5 Best Bay Rum Aftershaves You Need to Have

best bay rum aftershave

The best bay rum aftershave will make you smell like a real man. The bay rum aftershaves were originally created and used in the 1800s and 1900s. Greatly known for their effectiveness and great smell.With wet shaving growing more popular and everyone going back to using safety razors we are seeing a great comeback with […]

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Astra Razor Blades Review: Should You Use Them?

astra razor blades review

A major determining factor in what kind of shave you’ll get out of a safety razor depends on the blades you use. Our Astra Razor Blades review aims to help you decide if these will be good blades for you.As you may already know each brand of blades tends to fall into different levels of […]

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The Best Alum Block and How to Use It

best alum block

The best alum block solves a shaving problem. I don’t know anyone who’s OK with razor burn or bleeding from nicks or cuts when shaving. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes the end result after shaving. All we can do is treat the issue after it has happened.That’s where the alum block comes in to relieve razor burn […]

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Black Straight Razor for When Style Matters

black straight razor

A black straight razor is a matter of style. There’s something elegant about how the black straight razor looks and it’s very appealing to the eye. It looks very sleek and masculine and we’ve found a great one you’ll like.We’re going to show you our favorite black straight razor and cover the dirty details. If […]

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Delta Echo Razor: Restore or Replace Your Razor?

delta echo razor

If you’re in the market for razor restoration Delta Echo Razor is a place you should consider. They have some amazing restorations and we’re going to show you some. Before we do make sure to read our quick information to see if you should even do a restoration.We’re also going to show you how to […]

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