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How Does A Foil Shaver Work?

how does a foil shaver work

How does a foil shaver work? Curious to learn what makes your foil shaver tick and how its able to give you a smooth shave? There’s a lot of bits and pieces to the puzzle but one things for certain we’re happy to have this technology.Electric shavers make shaving quick and convenient. Before electric shavers […]

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Foil or Rotary Shaver for Sensitive Skin?

foil or rotary shaver for sensitive skin

Should you use a foil or rotary shaver for sensitive skin? The simple task of shaving can be a dreaded experience if you have sensitive skin. You don’t want to be left with razor burn, skin irritation, or ingrown hairs. If you have acne or other skin conditions it only amplifies the issues with shaving.Technology […]

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How to Clean Your Electric Razor (7 Easy Steps)

how to clean electric razor

You’ve got an electric razor but if you want it to last many years you’ll have to learn how to clean that electric razor. With regular maintenance a good quality electric razor can last you a decade or more.Getting a decade of use from a good electric razor makes them worth the initial cost. I […]

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Electric Razor Vs Manual Razor: Better or Worse?

electric razor vs manual razor

Which is the best: electric razor vs manual razor? There’s several traits to discuss here to come to an accurate decision. Both electric razors and manual razors have there pro’s and cons but knowing which one is better depends on the person.I’ll go over the important characteristics and people habits that would make one of […]

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Is a Straight Razor the Best Shave?

Is a Straight Razor the Best Shave

Is a straight razor the best shave? Maybe you’re looking to get a straight razor and you’re curious if it’ll be better than what you’re shaving with now. Possibly you’re just curious of what others have to say on the topic and you’re an experience straight razor shaver.Either way I find this to be an […]

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Who Makes the Best Straight Razor?

who makes the best straight razor

Who makes the best straight razor? There’s several brands out there but with the changes over time who has become the best? We can get closer to answering that by looking at what’s available today.While there are much fewer options than there was years ago we still have a bit to judge. Since the straight […]

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How to Trim a Mustache with an Electric Trimmer

how to trim a mustache with electric trimmer

So you want to know how to trim a mustache with an electric trimmer. Mustache grooming can be a delicate process because with one slip your mustache could be gone. I don’t say that to amplify the difficulty but to bring the reality of the situation to the front of your attention.You didn’t take your […]

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Philips Norelco Shaver 5200 Review: Cold Hard Truth

Philips Norelco Shaver 5200 Review

So you’re looking for a Philips Norelco shaver 5200 review. There’s been quite the mix of reviews about the Norelco 5200. From a distance it appears to be another great Philips rotary shaver but there’s some quirks you should know about.Rotary shavers are great at cutting through thick facial hair. They’re typically quieter than a […]

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