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Top 5 Best Body Groomers for Men Now

best body groomer for men

So you’re ready to tame your wild body hair, but you need a body groomer. Whatever you do don’t use the hair clippers to manage your body hair — we know you probably already tried. Either way, we’ll guide you to the best body groomer for men in way that you’ll enjoy the ride.ProductOur RatingCheck […]

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The Grooms Guide to Weddings

grooms guide to weddings

There are many guides out there for women surrounding the time before, during, and after their wedding. There are a lot of tips and great information to make the process and their experience a pleasant and smooth one. With the piles of stress that come with getting married these great resources are extremely useful and […]

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Are Safety Razors Really Better Than Other Razors?

are safety razors really better

Are safety razors really better? You’ve likely heard a lot of the hype behind the old school single blade razor that’s making a resurface. These razors use only one blade to shave while cartridge razors use 3-5 razors.In this article I’ll break down the pro’s and cons of safety razors. I’ll also show you how […]

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Can You Use Regular Shaving Cream With A Safety Razor

can you use regular shaving cream with a safety razor

When you’re new to the world of safety razors you’re gonna have a lot of questions. A common question is can you use regular shaving cream with a safety razor? There’s a lot of options out there for shaving cream once you explore deeper.You once thought the canned shaving cream you use from your local […]

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Is Shaving Against The Grain Bad?

is shaving against the grain bad

Is shaving against the grain bad? We’ve all heard all sorts of things about how you should shave and what’s the best way to shave etc.. It seems like everyone has their own opinion when it comes to this.Mainly because we no longer teach shaving as a skill from father to son. It has become […]

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Should I Shave With Or Against The Grain?

Should I shave with or against the grain

Should I shave with or against the grain? There are three different ways to shave: with the grain, against the grain, and cross grain. These are often seen as WTG, ATG, and XTG in the wet shaving community.There’s a lot of opinions out there on how you should shave to get the best shave. However […]

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Is It Better To Shave In The Shower?

is it better to shave in the shower

You likely fall into one category. You either shave in the shower or you don’t. However, is it better to shave in the shower?  That’s what I am to uncover in this article. Below I’ve put together the pro’s and cons of shaving in the shower.It’ll be up to you to decide if it’s better […]

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Electric Shave Before Or After Shower?

electric shave before or after shower

It’s the grand debate. Should you electric shave before or after shower? You’re here because you’re wondering the same thing. Today’s shavers come with the ability to wet or dry shave but that doesn’t mean they excel at it.So what should you be doing and how should you be shaving if you want the best […]

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