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Oster Classic 76 Review: When You Need Quality

oster classic 76 review

We decided to make a Oster Classic 76 review because we were a little tired of being let down in the quality of other electric shavers. When we first came across the Oster Classic 76 we were immediately blown away. I think I can attest to not judging a book by its cover after reviewing […]

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Norelco 9300 vs 9700: Comparison Review

norelco 9300 vs 9700

We understand the frustration of all these electric shavers coming out. In this Norelco 9300 vs 9700 review we’re going to quickly dive into the dirty details and make sure you know which one is for you. Both of the rotary shavers are amazing shavers. They’re on the higher end of the spectrum and perform well. […]

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Gillette Super Adjustable Modern Day Alternative

Gillette Super Adjustable

The Gillette Super Adjustable is not a safety razor you’re going to be able to easily purchase anymore. These elegant beauties originated in the 1970s and were absolutely stunning. The nickel plated head with black trim handle really made this razor stand out. If you want to buy one today you’ll have to find one on […]

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Feather AS-D2 Review: The Untold Traits

feather as-d2

In our Feather AS-D2 review we’re going to cover all the features of this safety razor. While this is a very elegant razor is it worth the more expensive asking price? We hate unbiased reviews and you won’t be getting that here. We’ve done a ton of research on the Feather AS-D2 safety razor that you’re […]

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Andis Fade Master Review: High Quality Hair Clippers

andis fade master review

The Andis Fade Master is an absolutely terrific clipper for barbers or home use. I personally love these for their durability. With a house full of clumsy individuals we’ve been fortunate in these clippers being very durable. ​Our local barber actually recommended these clippers to us initially. Since then we’ve been using them religiously on our […]

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Merkur 180 Review: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

merkur 180 review

Introducing our Merkur 180 review: With renewed interest in wet shaving and old school safety razors, I felt like I was missing out by relying on my electric one. I needed a blade I could get comfortable with that was affordable and could let me get my feet wet without fully committing. Sure, I tried […]

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The Very Best Safety Razor Blades Money Can Buy

best safety razor blades

The best safety razor blades: There are some things in life you just have to accept for what it is and stop trying to improve it. Using double-edged safety razor blades in a classic razor body that’s been around for over 100 years is one of them. You cannot get a closer and more comfortable shave […]

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