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Safety Razor Vs Disposable Razor: Which Is Better?

safety razor vs disposable

There’s a couple different types of razors out there to shave with. When it comes to safety razor vs disposable razors which one is better? If you’re going to shave you may as well know a little about what you’re shaving with. Getting to know more about your razor and other types of razors will hopefully […]

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What Is A Foil Shaver? Should You Use Foil or Rotary?

what is a foil shaver

You may just now be discovering the different types of electric shavers. You’ve got questions: what is a foil shaver, what is a rotary shaver, which should you use, and you likely just need a point in the right direction. My goal is to answer all the questions that someone now discovering electric shavers may ask. […]

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Wet & Dry Shaving

advantages disadvantages wet dry shaving

There are several advantages and disadvantages to wet and dry shaving. There are also some factors that should decide if you should wet or dry shave each morning. You’ve likely noticed the skin on your face doesn’t feel the same every single morning. We go through periods of time where our skin can be sensitive […]

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DIY Homemade Pre Shave Oil Recipe

homemade pre shave oil recipe

Making your own homemade pre shave oil is a great way to find the perfect shave oil. We all have our own unique interests and personal taste so creating your own pre-shave oil is one way to get the perfect mixture you can use again and again. I’m going to give you a homemade pre shave […]

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What Is The Difference Between Aftershave And Cologne?

what is the difference between aftershave and cologne

It’s easy to confuse aftershave and cologne. Mostly due to the fact aftershaves come in different scents and some smell quite good. Shaving has also evolved over the years and has become something we’re teaching ourselves instead of being taught. If you’ve been confused between the two products for some time now you’re not alone. Lets […]

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After Shave Balm Vs Lotion Vs Splash: The Difference

after shave balm vs lotion

Do you experience skin irritation after shaving? Little things like itchiness, redness, sensitivity to touch, and just general discomfort? That’s where products like aftershave balm and lotions are used to sooth discomfort and give you a comfortable post shave experience. These sort of products are best for men with sensitive skin but they’re beneficial to anyone […]

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Best Way To Keep Your Head Shaved (5 Methods)

best way to keep your head shaved

Keeping your head shaved requires a lot of attention and dedication. Finding the best way to keep your head shaved only makes sense and will make your life a little easier. I’ve actually got a couple of ways you may like that’ll keep your head shaved and not just one. So take a moment and see […]

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7 Ways To Shave Your Legs Without A Razor

ways to shave your legs without a razor

Looking for ways to shave your legs without a razor? At first that seems like an odd idea but for some people it’s a necessary one. You may have a skin condition that stops you from being able to shave your legs or maybe you’re just looking for a more convenient option. Your legs are a […]

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