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How to Trim a Mustache with an Electric Trimmer

how to trim a mustache with electric trimmer

So you want to know how to trim a mustache with an electric trimmer. Mustache grooming can be a delicate process because with one slip your mustache could be gone. I don’t say that to amplify the difficulty but to bring the reality of the situation to the front of your attention. You didn’t take your […]

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Philips Norelco Shaver 5200 Review: Cold Hard Truth

Philips Norelco Shaver 5200 Review

So you’re looking for a Philips Norelco shaver 5200 review. There’s been quite the mix of reviews about the Norelco 5200. From a distance it appears to be another great Philips rotary shaver but there’s some quirks you should know about. Rotary shavers are great at cutting through thick facial hair. They’re typically quieter than a […]

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The Best Single Blade Razor for Shaving Head (Top 5)

best single blade razor for shaving head

Looking for the best single blade razor for shaving head? Your tired of shaving your head with other razors so you want to try out a single blade razor. It’s a great way to get a silky smooth head and with less skin irritation. The skin on your head can be the most sensitive skin on […]

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What’s the Best Shave Gel for Electric Razors?

best shave gel for electric razor

Looking for the best shave gel for your electric razor? You’ve probably tried using some sort of shaving cream with your electric razor and it was suppose to be able to wet shave, right? It’s the trap a lot of men fall into when they buy a razor that advertises dry or wet shaving. Let me […]

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Top 5 Best Electric Razors for Teenagers

best electric razor for teenager

The little boy you knew has grown into a young man and it’s time to shave. You need the best electric razor for a teenager and maybe you don’t know where to begin looking. Well, you don’t have to look any further because I’m the expert on electric shavers and I’ll point you in the […]

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The Best Electric Shaver For Curly Hair (Top 4 List)

best electric shaver for curly hair

When you have a curly beard it can make shaving seem like a chore. You’re looking for the best electric shaver for curly hair in order to solve this problem but here’s the thing… Most sites I’ve come across are actually giving the wrong recommendation. If it seems like your recent efforts haven’t seen any progress […]

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The Quietest Electric Shaver: Silent and Soundless

quietest electric shaver

There are a couple reasons why you may need the quietest electric shaver. This one trait in an electric shaver is often looked over or just not even considered. However having a shaver that can operate in silence or near silence can come in handy. Maybe you’re trying to avoid waking your spouse in the morning […]

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The Best Budget Electric Shaver: Foil and Rotary Options

best budget electric shaver

You need the best budget electric shaver so you need something that’s at a reasonable price but at the same time a decent quality product. When you’re looking for something like an electric shaver that’s in your price range it can feel intangible. Lucky for you we’ve been in the electric shaver game for quite some […]

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