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Panasonic ES LV 81 K – A Man’s Electric Shaver Review

panasonic es lv 81 k

When you’re waking up in the morning you likely aren’t looking forward to your shaving routine. Sometimes we don’t feel like bringing out the shaving cream, the razor, and preparing to shave. That’s why they invented electric shavers like the Panasonic ES LV 81 K. Using the Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 in the morning is a […]

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Other Panasonic ESLA63S Reviews Don’t Cut It (Read)

panasonic esla63s reviews

When I decided to look into this electric shaver I looked at all other Panasonic ESLA63S reviews and they just don’t do a real review. Instead they regurgitate standard stats only. While I’ll make sure you know the stats I want you to know if this shaver is a good fit for you. Our goal is […]

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The Most Aggressive Safety Razor Available To You

most aggressive safety razor

If you’re looking for the most aggressive safety razor you likely want a razor that will cut quickly and require fewer passes. Aggressive safety razors are typically something a more experienced wet shaver seeks. These razors are easier to nick and cut yourself with if you’re not an experienced user. So, if you’re a beginner you […]

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The Least Aggressive Safety Razor Available To You

least aggressive safety razor

If you’re looking for the least aggressive safety razor you likely either have sensitive skin or are just starting out. Either way I think it’s a good decision to keep a low aggression razor in your arsenal at all times. Our skin may need shaving on a day it’s irritated and a mild razor would be […]

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The Best Budget Straight Razor (#1 Pick)

best budget straight razor

Are you looking to get a good straight razor while on a budget? I’ve a couple of the best budget straight razor picks for you that I think you’ll like. This review was done while keeping quality in mind. Despite what some people may think you can find a very nice straight razor without breaking the […]

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The Best Electric Razor With Vacuum

electric razor with vacuum

The idea of an electric razor with vacuum sounds great. It’s one of the biggest pain points when we’re trimming our facial hair and if we didn’t have to clean up a huge mess afterwards it would make life much easier. There are a couple electric razors on the market that come with a vacuum. I’ll […]

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What To Do If You Cut Yourself While Shaving

what to do if you cut yourself while shaving

What to do if you cut yourself while shaving? You risk cutting yourself every single time you shave and it’s eventually going to happen. Since it’s an inevitable event it’s best we know how to deal with these cuts when they happen. Depending on the type of cut and the level of severity it is you […]

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Does Shaving Your Face Cause Acne? (Prevention)

does shaving your face cause acne

Does shaving your face cause acne and if it does what can you do to stop it? The truth is that shaving can absolutely cause acne and it’s an unfortunate part of shaving for some men. The good news is it doesn’t have to be apart of your shaving life permanently. Our goal is to inform […]

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