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What Is The Best Numbing Cream For Laser Hair Removal

what is the best numbing cream for laser hair removal

When it comes to laser hair removal and other forms of hair removal such as waxing people will tell you it doesn’t hurt that bad. Well to be frank these people make their money selling these services so why would they try and scare you away? The truth is everyone experiences different levels of pain from […]

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Does Numbing Cream Affect Tattoos?

does numbing cream affect tattoos

Does numbing cream affect tattoos? Are you thinking about using a numbing cream for your next tattoo? There’s no shame in using these creams and depending on where you’re getting your tattoo you’ll be very thankful you chose to use the cream. Getting a tattoo on your rib cage for example can be very painful. If […]

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How to: Cutting Off a Skin Tag

Cutting Off a Skin Tag

Cutting off a skin tag seems like a huge endeavor when you first think about it. You look at your skin tag in the mirror and just wish there were a quick and easy way to remove the thing. As far as your health is concerned skin tags won’t affect anything but they’re unsightly and […]

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