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How to Shave Your Armpits without Irritation

how to shave armpits

Time to learn how to shave armpits. When it’s time to shave your armpits, you prepare for the discomfort and irritation that comes with it. You’ve come to accept that as the price for being alluringly feminine and pleasing to the eye of every beholder. You look good in sleeveless attire and to wear that […]

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Arm Waxing For Men

arm waxing for men

One of the lesser talked about manscaping regions is the arms, specifically waxing them. Arm waxing may not be the go-to arrow in your manscaping quiver, but hear us out on this one. Arm waxing can be a great addition to your manscaping routine and it has its benefits. Before long you may wonder how […]

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How to Stop Itching After Trimming Chest Hair

We’ve all been there, wondering how to stop itching after trimming chest hair. You’ve just stepped out of the shower and your chest as smooth and seamless as the day you were born. You feel clean. You feel pure. You finally feel unfettered by the fur that furiously fettered you in the first place.A day […]

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A Guide to Manscaping The Chest and Stomach

Manscaping Chest and Stomach

You’re ready to begin manscaping your chest and stomach, but where do you begin? Well first you always begin with the best clippers for manscaping. The difference in using a good body grooming tool and a bad one is major. So don’t skimp out and try to use any ol’ Wahl trimmer that’s meant for […]

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