The Best Damascus Steel Straight Razors for Sale

​A Damascus steel straight razor is a piece of shaving beauty. The designs in the metal really make it a work of art and they can be really good razors too.

There's a lot of misinformation on Damascus steel​ being used for straight razors. Unfortunately, there were some bad experiences but we would like to set the book straight in our review.

What exactly is Damascus steel?

Damascus steel is hand made and originally used to create sword blades. The metal is created by hammer-welding strips of steel and iron while repeatedly heating and forging. Overall not an easy process and requires someone very skilled to produce.

The entire development process has changed over time because the very first original method is still unknown til this day. Even though we don't know the original method we can still produce Damascus steel with a similar outcome.

Today's Confusion on Damascus Steel

It's terrible that a lot of people are confused about Damascus steel today. People are confused thinking the steel is cheap, full of flaws, and not good for shaving.

That's because there have been people abusing the popularity and high quality of Damascus steel and have created cheap knockoff's to create a quick profit.​ Avoid buying Damascus steel blades of any kind on eBay. This is where the majority of people are getting scammed.

Instead, make sure you're using a reputable seller like this one.​

Also, buying from an Amazon seller, like the one we linked to, is safer for the buyer compared to buying from places like eBay.​ There's just much better overall buyer protection and easier issue resolution.

Due to people getting stiffed by the cheap knockoffs it has given Damascus steel straight razors a bad name over time. If you've looked in any straight razor forums you're sure to come across someone who chose to go the cheap route and got stiffed.

The real deal Damascus steel straight razors will typically run you $50 or more.​ The saying "you get what you pay for" really holds true when it comes to Damascus steel.

What about the other metals?

How does Damascus steel compare to other commonly used metals like High Carbon or Stainless Steel?

Damascus steel holds it's own when compared to these other metals. It really boils down to how it is made instead of which of these 3 metals are really better. If the craftsman isn't very good then none of them are going to work.​

Some people will argue that since Damascus steel is created with multiple metals to begin with it's prone to defects. While this can be true our research suggests the higher end Damascus steel cut throat razors outperform High Carbon & Stainless Steel.​

Our research also suggests that there's a lot of fans of High Carbon. Ultimately people are going to choose their fan favorite no matter the statistical evidence.​ If you like Damascus steel for its looks, toughness, or whatever it may be then I recommend sticking with it.

If you've never given Damascus steel a try just don't shoot for the cheap eBay versions. You'll get burned in the process. Stick to the higher end hand made products.​

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How Tough is Damascus Steel?

The video below should set you straight on any misinformation on the toughness of the metal. Again, those who tried to cheap knockoffs would not have experienced what you'll see below. This is why we continuously recommend using a reputable seller.

Damascus Steel Straight Razor for Sale

Our favorite Damascus steel straight razor for sale seller is Poshland. They have a wide variety of options available and they also make knives. Their Damascus steel cut throat razors are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Everywhere else in my opinion is a hit or miss situation.​ You'll find some places that do custom straight razors but when it comes to Damascus steel you want someone more specialized on the subject.

Avoid eBay at all costs!​ Even if there's some genuine sellers there for Damascus steel straight razors it's like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you choose to search around and not use my recommendation I wish you the best of luck. My tip would be when you find someone good then stick with them and spread the word about them. The amount of work involved into making Damascus steel straight razors outweighs the profits they're making. So show them some support by spreading the word.

Even leave a comment here so we can help spread the word as well but just know we'll test their product before doing so.​

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