Delta Echo Razor: Restore or Replace Your Razor?

If you're in the market for razor restoration Delta Echo Razor is a place you should consider. They have some amazing restorations and we're going to show you some. Before we do make sure to read our quick information to see if you should even do a restoration.

We're also going to show you how to get classic safety razors for nearly free. A very frugal method for testing classic razors and finding something you may want to restore. It's a fun and informative process. I think you'll really enjoy it.​

Should You Ever Restore a Razor?

Razor restoration is a fickle mistress. You could potentially ruin the razor forever. Make sure you're well experienced if you're performing your own restorations or use a razor you don't mind practicing on. Ideally use a professional to perform restorations on a piece you care about.

Our recommendation is to only restore classic razors that you won't mind how the outcome effects its value.​ There's a wide range and variation in restoration work. Ranging from restoring its classic look to giving it a complete makeover that results in something totally different looking.

If you're adventurous and again, don't mind how the outcome effects the value, there's some really cool styles you can turn your razor into. Some of our personal favorites are the steam punk styles. These restorations often cost more than the razor itself.​

Key Takeaway: Use a professional, know the value might change, have an open mind.

delta echo razor

Should You Just Replace the Razor?

If you're even slightly worried about how your razor will turn out I suggest you don't do a restoration. There's other ways to get what you may be seeking without putting your razor at risk. It boils down to your attachment to the razor, sentimental value, or base value of the razor.

Instead you can find similar razors for sale. Like this steampunk safety razor and many others. You may be surprised at the amount of options you'll find online. Take a quick look and I'm sure you'll find something similar to what you were wanting.​

You can also find a lot of options on eBay. You'll find a lot of the classics for sale most of which are rather affordable. You can always buy another razor like yours on eBay and then use one of the two for restoration.

If the above options aren't appealing to you, maybe consider not doing a restoration.​

Key Takeaway: If you're worried about the value don't do it. Look at alternative options.

Delta Echo Razor

The owner of Delta Echo Razor spent many years refinishing firearms. He eventually decided to combine his skills with his passion and that's when Delta Echo Razor was born.

Initially he launched his endeavor with an intent to save vintage Gillette's that weren't good options for traditional plating. He believes in the history of classic items and thinks they should be protected. He felt he would enjoy restoring these razors and so it began.​

Thoughts of a backlash from traditionalists and the possibility ​of upcoming arguments floated through his head. He was surprised by the warm welcome he received from his efforts and the number of people excited for his work.

All in all that's lead him to where he is today with Delta Echo Razor.​ Make sure to check out his Facebook Page to see some of this restorations like this one:

delta razor restoration

If you want to contact Delta Echo Razor you can find all their contact information on their website. As you can see from the image, he does really great work. Some of the options available do have a steep price though.

Does it Effect the Value?

Razor restoration absolutely effects the price. You can increase the value of your razor with a good restoration job. Something done by Delta Echo Razor for example would definitely increase the value of your razor.

However, these razors are only worth what someone will pay for them. Some people only want the classic razor in good condition and in its original form. So, it's hard to say how it would effect the value on a larger scale.​

There's not a lot of people doing restorations like Delta Echo Razor. Since there's so little to go by it's a hard determination. Think of it from the buyers perspective. Would you want to buy one restored like this or would you rather buy one in its original form and do what you choose with it?​

Test & Recycle Method

If you're looking for a classic safety razor you'll love, but haven't quite found it yet there's a method you can do to test them all. It's simply the "test and recycle method".

Go somewhere like eBay and buy a classic razor. Test it out and see how it shaves and determine how much you like it. If you don't love it then relist it on eBay and get your money back out of it. Now you've got more pocket change to test a new razor.

Just repeat that process until you find something you like. Or continue the method and get a couple classics you really like. This is probably the most frugal method to test all the classic safety razors possible.​

Other Classics You'll Like

classic safety razor

There's a lot of classic razors out there to give a try. I would love to see a steampunk restoration on the Rolls Razor. An entire restoration that includes the casing and everything. That would be absolutely beautiful!

There's many other classics out there you can try. You're probably familiar with some of them like the Fat Boy and Super Adjustable.​

These are the kind of razors you should be doing the "test and recycle method" on. You'll get a lot of experience with these razors that way and you'll have a lot of fun doing it!​

Before You Go!

I hope you enjoyed our article detailing Delta Echo Razor and safety razor restoration. There's so much you can do with restoration. It's a truly fascinating market to get into and be apart of. It looks very lucrative as well if you have the skills needed to jump in.

If you have experience with Delta Echo Razor or razor restoration please leave us a comment below. Let us know what you think about restoration and some of your favorites. Thanks for reading!​

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