Best DHT Blocker Every Men Should Know: Top 5 Revealed

There are few things more traumatic in a man’s life than losing his hair. While it might sound silly to some, male pattern baldness is about as scary a condition there is. For most men, it probably seems like a roll of the dice – something that can’t be avoided, only prepared for. That’s not quite the case.There happens to be such a thing as DHT blocker.

DHT is the hormone that is primarily responsible for male pattern baldness, so, as you might have guess, DHT blockers can help to prevent this nasty hormone from mangling your great head of hair.But as with any product, some brands are better than others.Here’s a list of the best DHT blockers currently on the market.

How We Chose Our Ratings

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Because accuracy and honesty are so important to us, we made sure to consider every possible facet of a buyer’s experience.This means we factored in such things as price, effectiveness, user reviews and convenience. A number of other quality of life features were considered, as well.

There’s no analytical calculation that goes into these ratings, such as price plus effectiveness equals a certain score, as that would be to reductive of a process. Instead, everything is taken on a case-by-case basis. As we all know, sometimes the total can be more than the sum of the parts.

Special consideration was given to the DHT blocker’s effectiveness and user reviews, because there’s a lot of snake oil products on the market looking to capitalize on the consumer’s insecurities and desperateness for a treatment.

Top 5 DHT Blockers for Stopping Male Pattern Baldness

Once our nuanced grading system was put into effect, we were able to parse out the most effective DHT blocker currently on store shelves. This list doesn’t contain every effective DHT blocker on the market, so if a product isn’t listed, this doesn’t mean the product is a sham.

The list is ordered from best to worst, but even the products on the bottom of the list are easily recommendable.With further ado, here’s the top 5 DHT blockers for putting an end to male pattern baldness.

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Without a doubt, the Zhou Saw Palmetto Supplement is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Technically, the supplement is designed for prostate health, as the Palmetto berries that make up the pills are filled with Beta Sitosterol, a substance that strengthens and supports the prostate.

This is especially helpful for older men, who may be waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  However, Palmetto berries are also a potent defense against 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that helps to create DHT. Therefore, the Zhou Saw Palmetto Supplement kills two birds with one stone and is a one-stop shopping for aging men whose prostate and hair follicles both seem to be failing them.

But does it work?

In addition to finding success in sleeping better, user reviews on Amazon find the supplements to result in thicker hair and a less painful scalp. Even some women found success in reducing the thinning of their hair.One reason for the supplement’s reported success is that they use every part of the berry, including the powder and extract, whereas most supplements only use the extract.

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Ultrax Labs Hair Surge is not a supplement, but a shampoo. This immediately makes it more appealing to those of a skeptical sort, who may not be comfortable downing pills. The idea behind the shampoo and its effectiveness is that is utilizes caffeine compounds, known to reduce hair loss, block DHT, and even stimulate growth.

These caffeine compounds are created synthetically, as opposed to the more natural approach taken by Zhou Saw Palmetto Supplement. However, it should be noted that the shampoo also makes use of Saw Palmetto berries. Ketoconazole is also a major ingredient, as it has proven to be linked with thicker hair. Even though the product is directed toward men, there’s no reason why it can’t also help women who are suffering from thinning hair, as well.

Online reviews find the product to work extremely well, with such comments as, “every penny for this shampoo is worth it.” On Amazon, many users have included pictures with their reviews, so you can get a more tangible sense of the product’s effects.

It should also be noted that these reviews are from verified purchase, so for all the conspiracy theorists out there, the company isn’t writing its own reviews.

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Another supplement, Nutrafol Men Advanced Thinning Hair Loss contains a wholly original formula designed by actual hair doctors. It claims to make use of recent breakthroughs in ingredients research in its approach to rejuvenating hair follicles.

The DHT blockers present in the formula are patented and clinically proven, which means they have a proven track record of working to some degree. In addition to the DHT blockers, a number of other hair-healthy ingredients are included, such as an anti-stress adaptogen, antioxidants, and vasodilators. In other words, this supplement is attempting to attack unhealthy hair from every possible vantage point. The most unique aspect is its emphasis on addressing stress, as stress can be one of the leading causes of hair loss, among other conditions. 

The supplement also boasts of its lack of sexual side effects, known to plague other drugs for men. According to Nutrafol, you should begin seeing results in three to six months, while taking four capsules per day. This is a refreshingly honest appraisal, as many other companies might try to jump on the “results now” bandwagon, which is unrealistic.

Consumer reviews veer heavily toward positive experiences, with one claiming that there’s only upsides to the supplement and another experience better sleep, as well. As with any product, there are some dissenters, but 48% of the reviews are a perfect score.

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The supplements of Advanced Technology DHT Blocker with Immune Support take a level-headed approach to preventing baldness and strengthening hair. They cover all the bases that might have to do with thinning hair.

Not only does the supplement contain Saw Palmetto berry extract, which many of the other products do, but it also contains green tea leaf extract, pygeum extract and Zinc, all of which help to inhibit DHT. Extract from grape seeds and pumpkin seeds are also present, so you’re getting a lot of natural nutrients.

The pills are also specially designed for the body to easily absorb, which is an overlooked property in many supplements, DHT blocker or not.Another unique aspect is that the supplement attempts to cut off the hair loss enzymes at the follicle receptor site, as opposed to the blood stream. This is said to prevent the side effects that some might experience in other products.

As with the other products, these supplements are also effective for women. On Advanced Technology’s site, 83% of customers gave the supplement a perfect score. Specifically, they praise the pills’ ability to counteract the hair loss effects of other supplements. Some of the few negative reviews have to do with shipping more than the actual product.

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Another shampoo product, Groganics DHT Grow Thick Hair Fattening Shampoo is one of Groganic’s many hair loss products.

Relying as Saw Palmetto as a major ingredient, the shampoo is largely natural, which puts it in contrast with the more synthetic approach of the Ultrax Labs Hair Surge shampoo.

While both are effective, many consumers might be more turned on to a product that utilizes natural ingredients, in the same way that whole foods are better for you than the alternative. Other consumers, of course, won’t be as concerned.

In addition to the Saw Palmetto, the shampoo also makes use of the natural ingredients, eucalyptus, menthol and oat seed extract. All of these ingredients are either involved in DHT blocking or promoting strong, thick hair.

Once again, online reactions to the shampoo are largely positive. The majority of consumers appear to have found great success with the product, with stories that claim their hair began to thicken in only a few weeks.One customer even points out that the shampoo works perfectly well with colored hair, in case that’s an important issue for you.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look Out For When Buying DHT Blockers

With any product, you run the risk of encountering hucksters. With DHT blockers, this risk multiplies tenfold. This is because scam artists know that men can be sensitive about their thinning hair and are desperate for a solution. And when you’re desperate, you’re not always at the top of your mental game.

For this reason, it’s extremely important to do extensive research on any product that you’re thinking of trying. Not only are some products completely inept or even placebos, but they might actually have harmful side effects.One surefire way to know if a product is scamming you is this: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Your male pattern baldness isn’t going to go away in just a few days, or even a few weeks. A real product is going to take time.

You’ll want to look at a lot of consumer reviews and maybe even contact a few of them personally to get a more nuanced understanding of how the product works.

Aside from the product itself, you’ll also want to do some research on the overall brand. Some helpful information can be gathered there, as well.Of course, you should always confer with your doctor before taking supplements or drugs of any kind. Personal research can only take you so far, but it helps to be somewhat educated on the subject when discussing it with your doctor.

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DHT Blockers Could Save You From Male Pattern Baldness

Outside of erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness is one of the things that men dread the most. All men know it might be coming with age, but they all cross their fingers and hope it doesn’t happen to them.Crossing your fingers is one way to handle it, but a much better way is to find an effective DHT blocker.

DHT blockers utilize science over superstition, as there are actual ingredients in the world that can not only block DHT hormones, but also strengthen and thicken hair.However, not every product claiming to do this is the real deal. There’s a lot of phones out there, looking to take advantage of men at their most vulnerable.

To avoid these vulture, this list should serve as a guiding light to finding the DHT blocker that is best for you.Whether it’s a supplement or a shampoo, all natural or synthetic, there’s an effective solution for every individual.

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