Do Electric Razors Cause Razor Bumps

Do electric razors cause razor bumps? It's a common concern before someone buys an electric razor. You're often looking to get an electric razor to run into these type of issues less often or to avoid them all together.

If an electric razor still resulted in razor bumps would you stick with your bladed razor? There's a bit of differences in the way you'll shave with an electric shaver and the results you'll get.

Electric Razors and Shaving Issues

Making the swap from a bladed razor to an electric shaver will result in fewer shaving problems. An electric razor does not cause razor bumps but you may still experience them. The majority of razor bumps are just small ingrown hairs and these may still occur but less often.

While electric shavers don't cause razor bumps directly here's what you should know before making the swap to something like the Braun Series 9.

It's Not Silky Smooth

When you swap to an electric shaver you should know that it's not going to be the close shave you're use to. This doesn't mean you have a low quality electric shaver but it's the nature of the beast.

That being said the super close shave you get from your bladed razor is what's causing razor bumps. The closer the shave the more likely the hairs grow back a little under the skin giving you the red bumps on your neck and face.

Costs More Up Front

A major buying factor is the price of the electric shaver. To get a quality electric shaver it's going to cost you more money up front. You're typically look at over $100 to get something that's going to last you for the long term.

Over time the cost is set off since you don't need to buy cartridge refills and the electric blade heads needs replacing far less often. Over the course of a year your electric shaver will be worth the up front cost.

Issue for Longer Hairs

If you enjoy growing a beard out from time to time know that you won't be able to jump directly to an electric shaver to shave it off. I recommend you use hair clippers to trim the bulk of your facial hair low and then continue with the electric shaver.

Trying to use the electric shaver with longer facial hair will result in pulling and skin irritation. It's just a hassle in general to try and accomplish. Some trimmers are dual ended and come with a guarded length setting to trim bulky hair down.

Do Electric Razors Cause Razor Bumps

do electric razors cause razor bumps

Razor bumps happen when the hair begins to grow and gets stuck under the skin. Most razor bumps can be dealt with by exfoliating before shaving. Simply give your skin a good rub down after taking a warm shower with a wash cloth or facial scrub.

The process of exfoliating helps push the smaller hairs up through the skin so they don't get stuck. Razors cut the hairs so low that it's easier for them to grow wrong and get stuck.

Since electric razors don't shave the facial hair as low as a normal razor you won't get razor bumps. It's definitely a good reason to consider making a full swap to electric shaver and even more so a reason if you've got sensitive skin.

Do you have Sensitive Skin?

If razor bumps are a big concern to you then you've likely got sensitive skin. Shaving is a hassle for those with sensitive skin but the world we live in today requires most of us to shave for our jobs etc..

Changing to an electric shaver is likely the best route for you in this case. It's going to be a big quality of life improvement and is worth paying extra for a good electric shaver.

Your shave routine will turn into a quick pass with no need for shaving creams. It takes much less time and lets you put the worry of shaving issues on the back burner.

Before You Go!

You should have some peace of mind knowing the answer to "do electric razors cause razor bumps?". If you're on a budget we've written a guide on budget quality electric shavers. You can still get a great shave and never have to deal with ingrown hairs again.

Don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know which electric shaver is your favorite and how it may have helped you deal with ingrown hairs.

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