Does Today’s Woman Like Manscaping?

What a question right? Do women like manscaping? It’s somewhat of a debate among men & women. We as a society are in an “awkward stage”. The majority of men prefer a woman with a well shaved area or very very well trimmed.

This preference is the majority market share among a mans popular opinion. For a long time it has been a back and forth for men to have some fluff or no fluff down below. However its become more and more established that women do like manscaping. The majority now prefer a well shaved or bare guy downstairs!

Do All Women Like Manscaping?

do women like manscaping
 Of course all women, like men, are different. We all have different tastes & preferences. So, you can’t set in stone that all women actually like manscaping.

However, by choosing to manscape your goods the odds are in your favor. Do women like manscaping? Well, statistically around 65% of women do like manscaping. That number is growing as well.

If you’re in the dating scene then it’s highly recommended to manscape. Not jut because there’s a high percentage of women who like manscaping, but because of some other factors.

Manscaping your goods can make you look up to 2″ inches larger! It’s much cleaner. When you’re shaven you hold less sweat which in return there’s less smell. All additional great reasons to grab the best clippers for manscaping and get to work.

A Women’s Point of View on Men’s Hair

  1. Shaving it all down there isn’t required, but well trimmed is nice.
  2. If your woman does oral.. they don’t like to feel like their flossing.
  3. Shaving everywhere isn’t necessary, but a personal preference.
  4. The way a man smells is a major contributing factor. Don’t spray cologne down there!

How to Start Manscaping

If you’re new to manscaping then you probably have a lot of questions. It can be a daunting task to some. Especially if you’re new to the entire process. However, we’ve written plenty of content on our site that can be very beneficial to you. Do women like manscaping though? You know the answer by now!

If you’re brand new start off with “What is Manscaping” for a great introduction. As you learn more you’ll want to read “Manscaping Groin: A Mans Guide” and most definitely “The Best Razor for Manscaping”.

These three articles will get you moving in the correct direction. Just remember when shaving that we always recommend taking your time. Don’t rush the process and just take things slow.

Will your other half love it?

I’m going to assume yes! However, though may it be hard to bring up, I recommend having a chat with him. Let them know what you’re thinking about doing. It can definitely change things up in the bedroom and your other half may have wanted you to all along. Maybe they just didn’t know how to bring it up?

Get their opinion and then just move forward from there.

If you’re a single guy we highly recommend just doing it! The odds are really on your side here. Do women like manscaping? Find out live & in person! A very exciting way to test the waters indeed. Start with a nice trim and watch the smile you put on her face 🙂 ha ha!

Comment below and let us know your thoughts. Answer the question: Do women like manscaping? With your personal experiences.

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