Does Gel Deodorant Work Better?

Does gel deodorant work better? Are you looking for an alternative solution to your current deodorant? There are three main types of deodorant you can choose from: stick, gel, or spray. Each one has some pro's and cons and I'll cover some of those in this article.

Gel deodorant is my personal favorite but I'll leave my bias out of this article. Below I'll cover what you need to know to make the best deodorant decision for you.

does gel deodorant work better

Does Gel Deodorant Work Better?

When it comes to deodorants we're left with only a couple options. You can choose between solid, gel, or spray. There's also a variant of gel which is creamier and white but it's basically still gel.

Most of us just started using whatever our parents purchased us when we were younger. We went with it but as we've grown older you want to explore different options on things you've never considered before like your deodorant.

It honestly boils down to personal preference and what may work great for one person may not work as well for someone else. Some people swear up and down that gel deodorant works better than their stick deodorant but there's people on both sides of the argument.

Your bodies chemical makeup is going to be unique to you. That's why you should try out all the different deodorant types to see which one works best for you. That being said there are some pro's and cons of each deodorant type which I'm going to cover below.

Pro's and Cons of Deodorant Types

This section is going to cover some of the little things you maybe didn't think of. There are some unique twists depending on which deodorant you use. Each sub-heading below will bring up a topic and I'll clearly state which deodorant type it's about. Look through and see what your deodorant might have up its sleeve.

Stick: White Residue

You know that little white streak your stick leaves behind? It's one of the most hated parts of using stick deodorant. You raise your arms and it's the first thing everyone notices and then it also gets on your clothes. So, even if your shirt covers your arms there's often this spectacular white streak there for everyone to see.

It's a social awkwardness and the thing most stick users want to fix. It's often the reason a stick user begins to look at using other deodorant types. You may even be looking for a new deodorant because of this little white streak.

If you want to rid yourself of this white residue then using a gel deodorant will be your solution. Most gel deodorants apply clear and leave no sign of usage. Spray deodorants can work as well but a lot of them also leave behind a white residue. To play it safe just go with a gel type.

Gel: Sticky and Slimy

Gel deodorant may be the cure to the little white residue streak but it has its own flaws. The biggest flaw with gel deodorant is how it feels on your underarms. It's a wet slimy feeling and this can be enough to turn some people away from using it.

The consistency of gel deodorant is what leads more people to liking it overall. Once you get past the wet feeling you're left with a feeling of your deodorant lasting much longer. You feel as if you're getting more bang for your buck when you use gel deodorant.

The other downside to gel is it's more difficult to apply with clothing on. It's quite easy to get the wet gel drops on your clothing or have it rub off on your clothing before reaching your underarms. Obviously this can be avoided by applying it before getting dressed.

Spray: Aluminum

Spray deodorant is notorious for having aluminum in its ingredients. It uses aluminum to help it stick to your skin and last longer to provide you with that ultra long 48 hour protection. However, there's a lot of concern behind aluminum causing cancer or other health issues.

People have began to avoid aluminum based deodorants so it might be something you should consider. Just know there hasn't been any scientific proof that the aluminum in deodorants are linked to any actual health issues.

If things like this worry you then you can always seek out spray deodorants without aluminum as an ingredient. Since more and more people have become concerned with this topic there have been more non-aluminum based deodorants produced.

Before You Go!

Does gel deodorant work better? It'll all boil down to your own chemical makeup and personal preference. My recommendation is to test it out and see if it does work better for you. It's the only way to know for certain.

If you have any tips or suggestions on gel deodorant please leave your comment below. Thanks for reading!

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