Does Shaving Everyday Help You Grow a Beard

You're looking for ways to help you grow a beard quicker and with a lot of misinformation floating around it can seem like a difficult question to answer. Does shaving everyday help you grow a beard or if you shave your mustache does it grow thicker?

Both questions are quite common and we're going to help you understand them. We're also going to show you what works when you're wanting your beard to grow fuller quicker. So stick around for a little bit and we'll get you moving in the right direction to grow out your manly mane.

Will Shaving Make Hair Grow Faster?

The quick answer is -- no.

Shaving will not help your facial hair grow faster and will not assist you in growing a beard. You're literally doing the opposite and stopping beard growth by cutting off your whiskers.

The idea behind shaving causing hair to grow faster is an old wives tale. I'm not sure that anyone really knows with absolute certainty where or who started the rumor. It could have been a mother who deep down didn't want her son growing facial hair so she tricked him into shaving more often.

Another reason thought to be the sprout of this idea is because of puberty. During puberty men begin shaving more often out of actual need. At the same time your body is growing body and facial hair at a quicker rate due to your hormones. You can easily see where some men may have been lead to think that shaving was causing their beard to grow.

Will Shaving Make Hair Grow Thicker?

We know that shaving doesn't make your beard grow faster but what about it growing back thicker than before? This is often the second most asked question about any correlation between shaving and facial hair.

The quick answer for this one is also -- no.

Although at the same time it is fairly argued to answer this question as a yes. Let me explain.. When your body is growing a beard at a younger age the hairs are thinner. As we get older the hairs do become thicker.

Shaving your thin whiskers and seeing thicker ones grow behind it is just apart of your body maturing. Shaving isn't causing your mustache to grow thicker but shaving off the dirty sanchez once in a while will have the thicker hairs underneath growing out in the forefront and right on display.

You should just shave your facial hair until you're growing thicker whiskers. I know at a young age it may be tempting to display your peach fuzz but it doesn't make the same statement as thicker facial hairs.

What Can You Do to Grow a Beard?

If you can't shave everyday to help you grow a beard then what can you do? Just know that a large role in growing facial hair is left up to your genetics. I know this isn't what you want to hear but it's the truth.

That doesn't mean you can't do everything possible to assist yourself in growing a fuller thicker beard. We've got a couple tips up our sleeves and we're whipping them out for you.

Beard Supplements

These are kind of like your daily multi-vitamin but with a focus on helping your beard push through. Before taking any new supplement you should always consult a doctor or dietitian because everyone's personal health is different and your health is the most important.

The beard supplements like these have shown great results in helping men grow a better beard. There are a couple different options on the market but the key ingredient in a lot of these supplements are biotin. It's an ingredient that has been linked to assist in hair growth.

Beard Growth Products

If taking supplements everyday for a couple months isn't your thing you do have other options. You'll see we've linked to above to some of our other posts on these topics and reviewing some of these products like the minoxidil.

Beard Growth Sprays - Spray form is very convenient and easy to use. You spray the mixture on your beard twice a day or so and reap the benefits over time. The downside is some sprays have an odd smell to them and that smell will linger on you. Some sprays also leave a sticky like residue on your facial hair.

DIY Growth Oil - If you're the type who enjoys doing it yourself then you may enjoy this one. We've given instructions on how to make your own beard growth oil. You'll order the oils you need and mix them yourself. The plus side to this one is it uses all natural ingredients and you have a few options of what to put in your mixture.

Minoxidil - This is the key ingredient in rogaine in a more pure state. This option does seem to be the most effective. So effective it's recommended for women who don't want facial hair to try and avoid it. It's also super effective at helping guys with beard bald patches. Since you can apply it on only certain spots if needed.

Natural Methods

The most natural way to help your beard grow is diet and exercise. Not exactly the answer you wanted to hear was it? It sounds cliche at this point but it's very true.

Eating a diet rich in Vitamins A, C, & E will help with hair growth. This would be foods such as fish, milk, eggs, almonds, and broccoli. There are many more food options out there you can find that are high in these three vitamins.

Also take in a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Your hair is made up of keratin which requires amino acids to make. Our bodies however do not produce these amino acids on its own. We rely on foods to take in omega-3 and other proteins and then our body can create amino acids out of these nutrients.

Exercise comes into play in one main way. The way it helps with facial hair growth is because working out makes your body produce more testosterone. The higher levels of testosterone you have the easier it is to grow facial hair.

Muscle building workouts are what you want to go after. Try bench pressing, dead lifts, and push ups and other exercises that focus on muscle. Aerobic exercises won't have the same effect.

Try the Yeard

This method is very simple. You just want to let your facial hair grow for a complete year without touching it. Don't give it any trimming other than lining up your cheeks and neck. You want to give one solid year and just let it grow.

Doing this allows you to get a very accurate assessment of your natural ability to grow a beard. On average a guy spending the time to grow the one year beard (yeard) should see measurements around 4.75".

You may go through a hobo beard stage for a while where your beard looks very un-managed but it's important to not shave. Stick to your guns and grow your beard out for the full year. If you really want to have some fun with it then take a photo every week on the same day and turn it into a time lapse of your progress.

does shaving everyday help you grow a beard

If You Grow It Learn to Take Care of It

You're dedicated to growing a beard but where a lot of men fall short is actually maintaining it once they've grown it. Maintaining your beard is more important than actually growing the beard out.

We've covered many topics on taking care of your beard. I recommend browsing our topics on beards and learning as much as you possibly can to maintain your beard once you have it. It only takes one grooming mistake to mess up your whole beard.

The most important products you can begin using are beard oils and invest in a beard brush. The brush is for more than styling as it helps your beard oil reach more places and removes dead skin cells when you brush.

There are also other oils which benefit hair growth tremendously. For example Argan Oil is a 100% natural oil that's very rich in Vitamin E and healthy fatty acids for your hair. These oils can be applied to your beard and will help promote beard growth.

How Shaving & Beards Go Together

We know shaving everyday won't make your beard grow faster or thicker but if you have a beard you still have to shave. Shaving is the basis of keeping your beard looking great.

You still need to shave your cheek lines to keep them straight and more importantly you're going to need to shave your neckline. Shaving your neckline can be tricky and it makes a big difference in appearance.

A good neckline will have one perfect swoop from under the ear to under the other ear. So even if you're growing out your beard you're not going to be able to escape from having to shave completely.

Before You Go!

I hope we were able to answer your questions and help you move in a direction towards real beard growth. Old wives tales about shaving causing beards to grow faster and thicker always seem to fool us but now you know the truth.

Growing a beard is a great thing and something I think every man should try at least once. Leave us a comment below and share your favorite beard growing tips. Thanks for reading!

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