Does Spray On Deodorant Work and How it Compares

Does spray on deodorant work as well as other deodorants? You're likely used to a roll on or gel deodorant. When you put on these other deodorants you can actually feel it going on. You know it's there it's a more tangible feeling.

With spray on deodorant you don't have the same level of tangibility. It makes you question if it's working well and you rather not find out by someone pinching their nose when they walk near you. Having confidence in your deodorant is important and we're going to break down just how well spray on deodorant really works.

First: Deodorant or Antiperspirant?

Despite what a lot of people may think these two things are not the same. Also, your specific needs may require you choose one over the other and once you learn the difference of the two you'll likely decide to have one of each.

Both deodorants and antiperspirants are designed to control your underarm odor but they both tackle it in a different way.

Deodorants are aimed towards fragrance and give you the manly smell you're looking for. These are a lot of your spray deodorants designed towards smelling great. They're often marketed strongly based on the smell. A lot of which have a great manly scent.

Lately companies have been moving these deodorants towards a "deodorant body spray" instead of aiming them towards the underarms to break confusion. This is because a deodorant only is less effective of stopping you from sweating.

Antiperspirants are aimed towards actually stopping you from sweating and less focused on how they smell. However, the majority of antiperspirants like these are combined with a deodorant. This way you're getting the sweat stopping power combined with a pleasant scent.

You'll see these products say both antiperspirant and deodorant together on the spray can. Most people either never noticed this or weren't aware of the difference and considered them both one in the same. If you were one of those people don't feel bad because so were we at first.

If you're one of the lucky men who hardly ever sweat you might be able to get away with only using a deodorant and have a wider selection of fragrances to choose from. If you're like me and sweat very easily you'll benefit more from an antiperspirant combination.

Second: The Active Ingredient

does spray on deodorant work

In order to stop you from sweating like a pig these spray on deodorants have an active ingredient called aluminum chlorohydrate. It's an aluminum based ingredient and this one ingredient has cause quite a stir.

There's a concern whether aluminum chlorohydrate causes cancer or not. There's a lot of misinformation on the internet on this topic but there has been no found links between this ingredient and cancer from the National Cancer Institute (source).

Many of the deodorants and antiperspirants available today contain this ingredient. It's key role is stopping your sweat glands from perspiring. I personally purchase these products with the active ingredient but there are natural aluminum free deodorants available if you want to browse.

Does Spray On Deodorant Work?

So even if you shave your armpits it's important to wear an antiperspirant deodorant. If you've been using roll on or stick deodorants you've likely experienced both clumping or streaks from the products.

The clumps from deodorant can pull out armpit hairs and look like underarm dingle-berries and absolutely no one wants to be caught with those bad boys hanging from their arms.

If you're wearing dark clothing you'll also sometimes find that the deodorant you're using has left its mark on your underarm clothing. Everyone either knows you're wearing deodorant or they think it's a strong sweat stain. We can avoid this situation all together with spray on deodorants.

Our opinion is that spray on deodorants are strongly underrated. It's just something about it coming from a spray can that has deemed it lower quality in our minds. The reality is this is wildly untrue and spray deodorant is just amazing!

The pro's would be it's ability to be easily applied. It's easier to put on than a roll on or stick deodorant. Companies are claiming the spray on deodorants are lasting up to 48 hours. Modern spray cans don't release harmful environmental CFC's like that once did. They're mostly all a combination antiperspirant and deodorant.

Also, an important mention, when using a stick deodorant frequently men experience chemical burns. This comes with prolonged use and it doesn't happen to everyone but I don't think anyone wants it happening at all. Sprays make a great alternative and you won't experience irritation like this.

The con's to a spray deodorant are you likely won't find one without the aluminum chlorohydrate active ingredient. All spray deodorants will be a dry spray. Dry deodorants can irritate the underarms for some men.

The Pros:

  • plus
    Easy to Apply
  • plus
    Most Sprays Last 48hrs
  • plus
    Antiperspirant & Deodorant
  • plus
    Spray Cans have Improved for the environment.

The Con's:

  • minus
    Not 100% Natural Ingredients
  • minus
    Contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  • minus
    Only available as dry deodorant.
  • minus
    Some dry deodorants can irritate the underarms for some men.

Comparing Spray Vs Other Deodorants

So we've covered the pro's and cons of spray on deodorants but how does it compare with the other types? Spray on deodorant is becoming my personal preference but lets talk about the other types and what they have going for them. I'll keep my spray on deodorant bias out of it!

Stick Deodorant - You can't deny that stick deodorant is the cornerstone of the deodorant market. It's the most popular go to option for a lot of people. This style has been around for decades and comes in a solid, gel, or state best described as the middle ground.

Stick deodorants take up little room and are easy to store without them making any mess. Our next option is kind of known for being a little messy but lets discuss.

Roll On Deodorants - These ball topped deodorants come in a texture similar to a gel stick deodorant but slightly different. You apply these deodorants similar to the way stick deodorant is applied but the ball allows it to roll on.

What I don't like about the roll on deodorant as a male is how the ball catches hairs. Sometimes it'll pull armpit hairs but mostly loose hairs get stuck onto the ball part of the deodorant. Typically having me go behind and remove them from the ball.

Roll on deodorant is my least favorite and I don't think I'm alone. Companies have started producing less and less of these and the only reason they would do that is if people weren't buying them.

Spray On Deodorant - OK so we've covered a lot on spray on deodorant but it's fair to mention that spray on is making quite a comeback. With the updated aerosol cans and the overall convenience of these deodorants they're gaining popularity.

I strongly encourage you to just give it a try. The worst that could happen is you don't like it and you never buy another spray on deodorant again. On the other side you may find the best deodorant you've ever had and have a new life favorite.

Swapping to Spray On Deodorant?

So does spray on deodorant work for you? Do you think it's something you'll consider swapping over to or at least give a try? I used spray on deodorant as a teen and moved to stick deodorant and then back again to spray as an adult.

It's safe to say that for me I'll be sticking with spray on antiperspirant and deodorant combination. Let us know if you found this article helpful or leave a comment with any help advice you would like to share.

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