Dorco PL602: Cheap Disposable Safety Razor

We're reviewing the Dorco PL602 safety razor. This razor is ideal in a couple different situations. It's extremely affordable and is one of the few disposable safety razor options on the market.

This review aims to cover where the Dorco PL602 shines best. We'll also inform you of the possibilities of this razor, its quality, and of course how well it shaves.​

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The Disposable Safety Razor

If you take a quick look on Amazon at the disposable safety razors you'll quickly realize there isn't much of a selection. As the safety razor market continues to retake hold in the shaving industry I think we'll start to see more emerge.

Until then we're very limited in what we have. That's where the Dorco Safety Razor fills a market gap.​ The blade is exchangeable so you'll get a lot of shaves out of the Dorco PL602. Some people worry about having to throw this razor away and buying more, but you'll only need to buy new razor blades.

This razor would also make a great introduction into wet shaving. If you're unsure about wet shaving and want to test it as cheap as possible, then most definitely give the Dorco PL602 a try.

Great for Travel

Another big plus to the Dorco PL602 is that it's all plastic. This makes it much easier to travel with and less of a hassle at the airport.

Plus it's so cheap that it doesn't really matter to much if you forget it. We've all forgotten something we've taken to a place. May it be a friends house or in a hotel across the globe. Replacing this won't hurt your pocket book as much.​

Dorco PL602 Review

The Dorco PL602 is a very affordable disposable safety razor. It's features include a twist grip handle for better control, light weight plastic, and comes with a single Dorco stainless steel blade.

The shave it delivers is mild. Mainly because there isn't a lot of weight behind the razor. This is to be expected from a complete plastic razor so it's not a bad thing.

You'll usually see this priced around $7 - $9. Losing it won't break your heart or your wallet.

It weighs in around 0.4oz with a blade installed. Total length is 4.4" inches with the handle being 4.1" inches. There's absolutely no metal in the handle or razor head. So it's completely safe to go through a metal detector at the airport.

There's a lot of good overall value in this small purchase. I think everyone should have a safety razor like this for either a backup or just spare. Maybe you'll have a friend over and you can introduce them to wet shaving.

The Most Frugal Path

If you're someone who wet shaves to be frugal, this might be the ultimate frugal path. You'll be very hard pressed to find a safety razor on the market any cheaper than this.

Combine that with the $10 for 100 blades you get for wet shaving and you're really saving money.​

Before You Go!

Let us know what you thought of this Dorco PL602 review. There's not a whole lot to discuss here, but I feel like it's worth writing on article on. It's a great little razor and technically disposable at this price range.

Leave us a comment if you have some experience with this razor. Thanks for reading!​

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