Dorco Razor Review: Do You Need This Many Blades?

Our Dorco razor review aims to unravel the details behind these razors. We're all so familiar with Gillette that dominates the market. We quickly forget to look at their competition and see what else might be available.

The Dorco razors have a growing fan base which truly love the razors. There's a lot of chatter about these razors, there level of quality, and shave ability. However, do we really need 6 or 7 blades on our cartridge razor?​

Whats the Benefit in More Blades?

Over time we've seen razors come out with more and more blades. It started with one and now we're over 5 blades on a single razor head. While the additional blades is a great marketing method to sell more razors, there's also some real benefit to it as well.

Before I dive into the benefits of having more blades, just know that you can get a great shave from a safety razor with a single blade. More blades doesn't mean a better shave. There's plenty examples of this on the web.​

Each blade on your razor should be compared to a single pass when shaving. For example, if you have 3 blades then a single stroke would be equal to 3 passes. This isn't exactly right because your lather gets in the way and other factors. However, it's a close example of what adding more blades does for your shave.​

The real benefit here is an attempt to get a closer shave in fewer passes.​ There's a lot of debate on the effectiveness of this across the internet. Once you begin going above 3 razors what's the additional benefit? That's a personal judgement you'll have to make for yourself.

Dorco Razor Review: 6 or 7 Blades

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The two main razors we're going to be focusing on are the Dorco Pace 6 and Dorco Pace 7. As you can see the numbers at the end of these razors names represents the number of blades. Dorco pushes the limits when it comes to how many blades they can fit on one razor.

With a Dorco razor you can use the handle with any other blade head you choose. Simply attach any Dorco head to your handle as they're all interchangeable. Use 6 blades one day and upgrade the next without needing to purchase an entirely new razor.

When you buy a Dorco handle it'll come with 10 cartridges. If you compare the price of the Dorco razors to popular names like Gillette, you'll find a decent savings. Who wouldn't like to save some money on their shaving costs?

The refill cartridge prices alone is a major reason just to give Dorco razors a try. I feel like what other companies charge for replacement cartridges is ridiculous. You may even be interested in going in a disposable razor route.

Traits of Dorco Razors

During our Dorco razor review we came across a couple traits shared across the brand. These traits are characteristics of the blades, handles, and general overall performance.

Initially one of the main concerns with having more blades was how frequent it would clog. Constant clogging and the need to repeatedly rinse your blade is a common issue among cartridge razors. Even with up to 7 blades the Dorco razors didn't experience a larger issue with this. In fact, Dorco seems to tackle this issue and it's less of a problem.

Another problem we wanted to address was skin irritation. Dorco claims the higher blade models don't have any impact on skin irritation. For someone with sensitive skin this may be a determining factor on these blades. Additionally the blades have a coat of Vitamin E, Aloe, and Lavender to soothe the skin.

Overall these key traits seem to make up a good razor. Keep in mind that the above are traits stated from Dorco themselves with our analysis. Here's our breakdown of what we like most and dislike most about Dorco razors.

What We Like About Dorco Razors

There's a couple things we really like about Dorco razors. We like the fact that Dorco is pushing the cartridge razor market. Not by adding more razors to the blades, but by creating a quality product that's more affordable.

No one wants to pay high dollar for something you're going to throw away after a couple uses. Dorco cartridge refills are cheaper than the market leader and that's a wonderful thing. While we honestly would like to see it even lower, this is a good starting point.

The Dorco razor also delivers a great shave. The extra blades do result in a closer shave, but if you really wanna assist this aspect use a shave oil. Shave oil is a better alternative, in my honest opinion, than standard shaving cream. It's also better for bearded men so we can see where we're shaving.

Lastly we love there exchangeable head technology. Being able to use any cartridge head on the same razor handle is great. It allows you to sample other head types or try a different number of blades without breaking the bank.

What We Don't Like About Dorco Razors

While Dorco claims the additional blades in there 6 and 7 blade models doesn't cause irritation, it's been proven that more blades does impact skin irritation. It may be less noticeable if you don't have sensitive skin. Each blade counts as more passes on the skin which results in a higher chance of irritation.

Everyone is unique so your mileage may vary.

Another thing during our Dorco razor review we found to be an exaggeration is the blade clogging. Dorco may in fact have made efforts to reduce blade clogging, the additional blades counter act those efforts. Blade clogging will always be an issue with cartridge razors. The more blades you add the closer they need to be and the more clogging you'll have.

Lastly we just want to say that you can't compare this shave to that of a safety razor. You'll get the absolute best shaves with a safety razor and by learning to wet shave.

If you're already comfortable with cartridge razors or just don't want to take the time to learn to wet shave that's fine. The Dorco razors are a great option in this market that we believe you'll end up really liking.

Tips for Longer Lasting Razors

To extend the life of your razor we're going to give you a couple tips. Even if the Dorco refills are cheaper than the others who wouldn't want to save even more money? Here's a couple tips to get the most out of your razor blades.

Dry Them - Always dry your razor after each and every use. Pat it dry with a towel, but don't run the blade across it. Keeping a dry razor will significantly increase the life of your blades.

Store Dry - Once you've dried your razor keep it in a dry spot. Don't leave it hanging around in the shower because that's horrible for your razor blades. I like to store my dry razor in a plastic storage case in the counter.

Submerge It - If you really want to take your saving efforts to the next level keep the blade submerged. Submerge it in mineral oil or alcohol to prevent air exposure. This will prevent oxidation and keep your blades from rusting over time.

Blue Jeans - after each and every shave take your dry razor and run it upwards on a pair of blue jeans. Don't run it in the shaving motion, but upwards against the jeans. This will sharpen your blades and it'll feel like a fresh new blade every time you shave.

Before You Go!

I hope you enjoyed our Dorco razor review. Our goal was to inform you of the pro's and cons of these razors. Overall they're a good quality cartridge razor that shaves good and saves you money. If you've been using a bigger name brand and spending more money to do so then I would highly suggest giving Dorco a shot.

If you have experience with using Dorco please let us know and leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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