Dovo Straight Razor Review: What You Should Know

Our Dovo straight razor review is going to cover the Dovo Best Quality 5/8" straight razor. We feel it's important to know the pro's and con's have these products, but we don't only want to make sure you're aware about the details of this straight razor.

We want to make sure you know how to use it properly and if you purchase it we want to make sure you get the longest life out of your blade. Make sure to also read the tips we've given you to go along with this Dovo straight razor review.​

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Tips to Using Any Straight Razor

The key to using any straight razor is using plenty and plenty of warm water before shaving. You can take a warm shower, have a relaxing bath, or one of my favorites is the warm towel wrapped around the face.

Warming you skin is going to relax the face and your whiskers. Opening the pores and relaxing the hairs allows the razor to give a much closer shave. Plus the hot towel method just feels like your in a salon and feels amazing. See if you can't talk your significant other to give you this treatment from time to time!​

Next you want to grab your favorite shaving cream and massage it into your facial hair. The massage part is actually important. Using either a good shave brush or your fingers you want to make a rotating motion and get the cream in there good.​

Your essentially making sure the cream is surrounding each whisker. Taking the little extra effort here in preparation will make your shaving experience smoother. If you're new to straight razor shaving its even more important to pay attention to these steps.​

The Dovo Straight Razor Review

We've chosen the Dovo Best Quality 5/8" straight razor for this review. This is an absolute great choice for the review because it's a good representation of the Dovo brand all around.

This ​particular straight razor comes shave ready the moment it's delivered. It's a mid-range priced straight razor that can be found around $75 - $90 from most online retailers. Which is actually considered inexpensive in the realm of straight razors.

While this does come shave ready it isn't professionally honed when delivered.​ It'll be a better shave than a disposable or cheaper razors, but it's recommended to hone the razor before actually shaving. We've got some tips on stropping in our straight razor kit for beginners guide.

It's constructed of high quality carbon Swedish steel which is very strong and durable. If you take care of this razor you'll get a lot of use out of it for a long time. The blade also has a good weight to it that feels well balanced in your hands. The overall feel of this Dovo straight razor is very comfortable.

The Pros:

  • Priced Well
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Feels Balanced
  • Comfortable Fit

The Con's:

  • Plastic Scale Feels Cheap
  • Straight Razor Leaning Curve

What Others Think of Dovo Straight Razors

We love hearing what the people shaving with these razors have to say. Do they enjoy their experience and would they purchase another when the opportunity presents itself? That's where some of the best reviews come from in our opinion. That's why we search these reviews out.

What We Like About This Dovo

My personal favorite thing about this Dovo straight razor is the level of quality you get in a razor priced this affordable. I'm a very frugal person and I love getting a deal. Better yet I love getting something that's made of quality and isn't going to break or need replacing to quickly.

​We live in a time where nearly everything is "made in China". Spending a little more and getting a high quality item like this Dovo straight razor is what you should be doing. This Dovo isn't the top of the line though. It's a good balance of quality & pricing which is something I always look for.

A perfect example of quality is the fact this Dovo is made with a Carbon Steel blade.​ With proper maintenance and just taking care of your items you'll get a lifetime use out of this blade. Make sure to read our tips below to get the most out of this straight razor.

Another thing we found we liked during our Dovo straight razor review was how it felt in our hands. To be honest NO straight razor is easy to use in the beginning. There's a learning curve with these tools but I'm confident you can master it. It doesn't take to long to get the technique down.

We found this Dovo to be more forgiving than other models. Mainly because the blade is half hallow Vs the full hallow blades. This being a 5/8" blade is another key reason it's easy to use. Other blades are larger at 6/8" or 7/8" and if you're a beginner the smaller blade is easier to have control over.​

Getting the Most Out of Your Dovo

All shaving razors and tools require some level of maintenance. Even your electric shavers require cleaning and taken care of to keep them shaving at peak performance. We've got a few tips to make sure your Dovo straight razor has an extra long life span so you can get the most out of it.

Here's what we recommend:​

  • It's very important to fully wipe and dry your blade after each use.
  • Don't strop until 24-48 hours after last use.

We recommend waiting to strop because you risk breaking the fin on the cutting edge of the razor if you don't allow it to settle first. It will slowly settle back down into an original shape that will allow you to strop without an issue.

If you strop before giving the fin time to settle you might ruin the edge of the blade which would require a special sharpener to repair it before being used again. I promise you don't want that headache and it's much better to wait 24 - 48 hours first.​

Alternative Dovo Straight Razor Models

Dovo Straight Razor Ebony Wood Handle

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This Dovo is on the more expensive side of their straight razor models. It comes with an ebony wood handle and golden engraving on the blade.

If you're looking for something that feels a lot better than the plastic handle of the razor in our review this would make the best alternative to that.​

While you're getting very high quality production here this Dovo still requires the same level of maintenance, but more. You can't leave the ebony wood handle wet and need to take extra care to make sure it's dry after each shave.​

Dovo Straight Razor Kit

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If you're new to the straight razor scene you're going to need a couple other tools to complete your set. If that's the case I recommend getting a kit like this one that'll get you going on the right foot.

This kit comes with a Dovo straight razor, shave bowl, soap, strop, and everything you'll need to begin your straight razor journey.

The razor in this kit is more on a beginner level than our mid-range Dovo razor we reviewed. Either way it's a very good introduction to see if this might be something you can stick with or not.

Dovo Shavette Straight Razor

No products found.

The Dovo shavette straight razor is your disposable straight razor. A lot of people aren't aware that you can get a disposable straight razor.

The great thing about these is you never have to strop or worry about messing up your blade from improper stropping. The need to learn how to hone your blade goes out the window.

When you razor becomes dull all you do is throw it away and replace it with another disposable blade.​ Blades like these and those for straight razor are actually very affordable compared to modern blade cartridge replacements.

Don't Leave Yet!

I hope you were able to learn something in our Dovo straight razor review. The 5/8" Dovo is a flexible use straight razor and I think you'll be happy to have it. Just make sure to look into some stropping guides and follow the tips we gave you.

Thanks for reading and leave us a comment to let us know what you thought. If you own this Dovo we'd love to read your comment and your own personal experiences with this razor.​

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