DZ-Nuts and Why You Should Love Them

DZ-Nuts is a business geared towards athletic individuals and helping them take care of their bits. If you’re anything like me your friends wouldn’t use athletic as an adjective to describe you. That being said I still loved the shave dz-nuts left me with.

We did some thorough testing. My wife and I both used the product that dz-nuts provided us with in the mail. I’ll get into the fun we had testing the product in a second. It’s worth the wait to read the entire thing!

Diving Into DZ-Nuts

Oh lord, the puns or subtle titles in the post are going to be hard to avoid. Let me start by saying if you’re looking for a product to shave your balls with this will do great. After the testing I’ve decided to start using this product myself.

The product they sent me was the DZ Nuts Bald which retails around $13-15.

Here’s a description of the product we tested as provided by dz-nuts: “dznuts super smooth shaving cream, a soothing, cooling, rich lathering cream designed for effortless shaving of even the most rugged swaths of manscape or luscious lady lands“.

Usually for shaving the testicles or balls I recommend using a thin layer of hand soap. This product is more of a “shaving lotion” which is easy to apply in thin amounts. That’s how I recommend using this if you decide to give it a try.

DZ-Nuts claims it prevents ingrown hairs and red bumps from shaving. From our testings we can say this is most definitely true. We had a more pleasant experience with this product than with others we tried and tested in the past.

There’s More to Dz-Nuts

DZ-Nuts provides several different product options to choose from. Now we haven’t tested any of their other products except for the one above. If they’re anything like what we tested then I’m sure you’ll be a happy customer.

They offer products that protect active guys and gals from chaffing during their physical activities. This would be their dz-nuts pro and bliss. Bliss being the female option out of their product line and the dz-nuts bald being for either sex of course.

The Pro & Bliss provide anti-chaffing that we just mentioned which protect delicate skin. Also provides an athletic person with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing affects that you’re going to not only love, but need.

DZ-Nuts not only provides all the above, but also have a light, medium, and high heat lotion. These help warm skin & muscles, provide a weather proof barrier film, and has a anti-grime adhesion technology. DZ-Nuts recommend low heat for brisk fall days, medium for cooler days, and high for very cold days, but is recommended to use in combination with medium heat.

While their products are mostly geared towards cycling, there’s no doubt many different sports could benefit from such a great product.

dz-nuts shaving cream

Our Testing Experience

Our at home testing experience was nothing but thorough with dz-nuts shaving cream. First my wife used the shaving cream on her legs… or should I say leg. She felt it would be best to test the cream with the same razor, but different shaving creams on each leg.

She used her favorite on one and dz-nuts on the other. After shaving she immediately was able to feel a difference in comparison to her now “old favorite”. The dz-nuts cream left a cleaner feeling and felt more smooth than the other brand.

This was actually shocking to both of us because we honestly didn’t expect it to be better than the current shaving cream. At the same time we’re probably not going to stop buying the old cream and completely swap over. Mostly due to the price & availability, but if dz-nuts were at our local Walmart… never know…

As for shaving my balls with dz-nuts it worked a lot better than expected. I’ve done other creams that were to thick and each one made the task more difficult. The dz-nuts bald shaving cream left me with very smooth and great feeling pair of testicles. All around A+ product.


All that being said the one problem I have with the product is its price point and availability. It’s not enough to kill it for me, but I feel if these areas were improved on it would make a huge difference.

The dz-nuts bald pricing point is almost at an agreeable range. I’d love to see it around $9.99 but, again I don’t know their cost in making such a product. Their other products are a bit more expensive, but they’re for completely different uses.

So maybe $24 for their dz-nuts pro might not be such a bad price range. It all really depends on how well that products solves your problem and as mentioned earlier we only were able to test the dz-nuts bald.

The last thing to note is you seem to only be able to get this online. While more and more of us shop online everyday, especially me, it still is nice to have something like this on the shelf at your local store.

So nothing to majorly wrong with the dz-nuts product line. I recommend giving them a try for shaving your balls and if you’re an athlete let me know how their other creams work for you. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment below.

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