Edwin Jagger vs Merkur: Which Brand is Better?

It's difficult picking out the best safety razor. We're going to review and compare two very popular options the edwin jagger vs merkur. More specifically the Edwin Jagger DE89 and the Merkur 34C.

These two safety razors are the most popular among your average wet shaver. We're going to compare these razors and find their unique traits and see which one might be better for you.​

Edwin Jagger Vs Merkur: Comparing DE89 & 34C

Both of these companies produce some really great razors. They make some of the best known razors today and for good reason... they're really good! You honestly aren't going to go wrong with either one of these razors.

No matter which razor you end up purchasing you'll be very happy with either of these. However, we're here to look into the dirty details and break down the unique traits. Each razor a company produces could really be compared to another razor and have its own unique advantage.

These razors are all made slightly different to give them a benefit in one area or another. It's kind of like trying to make something that's going to satisfy everyone's shaving needs. In reality you just can't do that so instead you make multiple razors that solve a problem each.​

That's essentially the basic means of having different types of safety razors. Now lets get down into reviewing these edwin jagger vs merkur safety razors.

Edwin Jagger Vs Merkur: The Shave

The best thing to compare in this review is the type of shave these safety razors give. Since that's what you're going to be doing a lot of lets start there.

​A big factor in the kind of shave you're going to get depends largely on the type of razor blades you use. Some blades are more aggressive than others. Blades made by Feather for example are typically known for their aggressiveness.

Define: Aggression in wet shaving refers to how quickly a razor will cut through facial hair. The more passes it takes the less aggressive of a razor you're using. More mild razors are better depending on the person. We'll go into more detail on that soon.

The Edwin Jagger DE89 gives you a mild shave​ making it ideal for beginners and for those with thinner or soft facial hair. If you have thick facial hair you may find the Edwin Jagger to not be aggressive enough to give you a silky smooth close shave.

The Merkur 34C is a bit more aggressive compared to the Edwin Jagger DE89. Depending on your facial hair being thick and coarse this is a better option. Some just prefer a more aggressive razor. Overall the 34C provides a closer shave in my opinion, but with more aggressive razors you need to take extra care not to cut yourself or cause razor burn.

Even though the Edwin Jagger is a milder shave you can use a more aggressive razor blade like those made by Feather. Since you can make up for the typical mild shave it makes it a real hard choice to say one razor is better than the other in this edwin jagger vs merkur review.

If you can afford to do so I recommend trying both. If you can do this you can always gift the razor you're not going to use to a friend and introduce them to the art of wet shaving.​

Another factor which will effect your shaving experience is the handle. Both of these models are similar in length so you won't gain any benefit if you have large hands. However the texture on the handles are different. The Edwin Jagger is a smoother designer which I find a little more slippery. The Merkur 34C has a grooved pattern that's more rugged and easy to hold onto while your hands are wet.​

Edwin Jagger Vs Merkur: Visual Comparison

I think it's important to see a visual representation of any "Vs" comparison to really see the detailed difference in any product. I've come across two great videos you'll enjoy and get to see for a visual demonstration.

Edwin Jagger Video Review

In this video Nick goes over some of the delicacies of the Edwin Jagger DE89. For him he doesn't find the handle to be an issue when your hands get wet. That's a core complain I typically see from this razor so it's all a matter of personal opinion. Either way here's the video.

Merkur 34C Video Review

In this video Nick shows off the Merkur 34C. You'll get a great close up of the razor to see the level of detail and quality you'll get if you purchase this safety razor. Something to note is that this razor is a 2 piece design while the Edwin Jagger is a 3 piece design.

Neither one of these videos go into deep detail about these razors, but instead or here to give you a great visual. You might visually prefer one over the other but I personally am a fan of the Merkur design.

The twist bottom handle, texture of the grip, and overall style of the razor is what makes me lean more towards it instead of the Edwin Jagger.​

Should You Get a Luxury Razor?

In our edwin jagger vs merkur review you've learned that these razors are you average everyday use safety razors. Have you ever considered a more expensive luxury safety razor? I just want to talk briefly about such a razor.

​What I would consider a luxury razor is something like the Feather AS-D2. In a safety razor like that you're really getting a whole different level of quality detail. If you're serious about wet shaving I would highly recommend going for something like this over anything else.

If a safety razor like this is taken care of it will last you a lifetime and could even be used by your grandchildren. The Edwin Jagger ​DE89 and Merkur 34C aren't going to last you quite as long. While they're still a great investment and will last you several years it's just not at the same level as the Feather AS-D2.

If you're serious about wet shaving and its really becoming a serious hobby for you then I'd fork out the extra dollars and grab yourself a luxury razor.​

Appearance & Differences

Sometimes appearance can be a major deciding factor. Especially when two razors perform as closely as the Edwin Jagger and the Merkur. When it boils down to only appearance I personally prefer the Merkur, but it's only a preference.

Both of these razors have beautiful chrome plating as you saw in the videos above. If you haven't taken a couple minutes to watch the videos make sure you do, they're really short. Though both have beautiful chrome the Merkur does sometimes show flaws from the machining process, but I find it adds character.​

The Edwin Jagger design resembles a pillar in my eyes and leans towards the old school look. I find the look to come off as cheap looking although that isn't the actual case. Another notable mention is the pillar design doesn't add anything to the performance or handling of the razor.

The Merkur has a rugged design that I find very pleasing to the eye. It's more of a modern look that I think other men will enjoy. The overall look really sticks to Merkur's reputation for making rugged razors.​


The width of the head is very similar in size and very similar in blade exposure. The Merkur head is a slight upward design compared to a straighter design on the Edwin Jagger.

The Merkur 34C is slightly shorter than the Edwin Jagger DE89. Although this shouldn't be much of an issue, but if you need a longer razor you might want to consider some of the long handled Merkur models.


The Edwin Jagger is your standard 3 piece safety razor. This is where you can unscrew the handle from the base and the razor breaks down into the handle, head base, and head plate. Your blade rests between the head plate and base.

The Merkur 34C is a 2 piece ​razor. For this design you'll unscrew at the bottom of the safety razor and this will allow you to remove the head plate. The head base and handle are attached to each other. So you technically only have 2 pieces to deal with when replacing blades. You can remove the bottom twist piece though for cleaning.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you found our edwin jagger vs merkur review helpful. There's only some subtle differences in these razors, but they're both great for beginners and experts alike. A lot of guys use these and they won't change because in the wet shaving world we tend to get cozy with one type of razor.

Don't fall into that routine, but instead venture out and try some of the other options out there. You can always sell the razor you don't like on eBay. Most of them tend to hold their value pretty well.​

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