The Best Electric Razor With Vacuum

The idea of an electric razor with vacuum sounds great. It's one of the biggest pain points when we're trimming our facial hair and if we didn't have to clean up a huge mess afterwards it would make life much easier.

There are a couple electric razors on the market that come with a vacuum. I'll go over them and give you the one I think will be the best. To see all options check the alternative section at the bottom of this post.

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About Electric Razors with Vacuums

Before you go out and buy an electric razor with vacuum let me cover a couple details. The general idea behind combining any hair trimmer with a small vacuum is genius. However, in my opinion it hasn't been executed to perfection yet.

Our top recommendation, the Remington Trimmer Vacuum Kit, is by far the best model I've come across but if I'm going to give an honest review I have to say it still has its flaws.

These type of trimmers tend to miss hairs left and right if you use them at a normal pace. If you take a little more time and slow down your pace the vacuum will perform better and catch more hairs. The speed in which you're cutting hair has a big impact on how much hair the vacuum is going to be able to pick up.

If you have looked at the reviews around the internet on most these trimmers that's why they're lower than most. Most people don't take the time to slow down and let the vacuum do its job. Instead they completely blame it on just not working and leave negative reviews.

If you're going to be successful with this type of electric razor you must have patience. I believe the payoff is quite worth the few more minutes it takes to trim your beard and cut your hair.

At least electric beard trimmers let you get a quick shave when you need it!

The Best Electric Razor with Vacuum

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The Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum haircut kit is our top recommendation in this category. It comes complete with several different length guards, maintenance kit, scissors, and comb.

This electric razor has dual motors to operate the trimmer and one for the vacuum. This gives you a more powerful vacuum with a large body to hold sucked up hair.

This trimmer is perfect for anyone seeking a vacuum based trimmer. It'll help with cutting your facial hair or trimming the kids hair.

Grounded Blades

The blades on this Remington trimmer are self sharpening and designed to give you a clean cut every time. If you have ever snagged your hair while trimming you'll know how important this little feature can be.

For me I have this area on my neck that has a very odd growth pattern and if the blades aren't sharp the hairs get pulled every single time. It's quite annoying and sometimes causes me to nick myself with the trimmers.

Issues like mine and any similar ones you may have will get use out of blades that stay sharp.

Dual Motor Power

Some of the original electric vacuum razors had a single motor that operated both the fan and cutting system. This ultimately lead to a weaker vacuum and overall product.

This Remington trimmer has a dual motor system so each working part gets its own source of power. They've done this without it costing the consumer twice the money too.

Removable Hair Chamber

The container removes the same way a normal house vacuum chamber removes. This makes cleaning and emptying your hair collection much easier.

High Speed Fan

The fan at the bottom of the hair chamber is a higher quality fan. Take a moment and compare this fan to other competitors and there's a noticeable different in quality. This trimmer has much better suction and is a common mention among the reviews.

Social Proof

Taking a look through the Amazon reviews for this product you'll mainly see positive reviews from verified purchasers. However, there are enough mediocre and negative reviews to pay them some attention.

You'll see most people are very satisfied with their purchase. The vacuum works within their expectations and they feel that they're getting a lot of bang for their buck. On the flip side you have some people getting mechanical failure. Remington will replace or let you return any product that has issues so I wouldn't be to worried about it.

Alternative Vacuum Trimmers

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Remington 4 in 1 Vacuum Trimmer

Remington makes both our top recommendation and our second recommendation. While the top trimmer we recommend is great for just about anything the 4 in 1 trimmer is best suited for facial hair.

You should go with this option if you need a dedicated beard trimmer. You can use the same trimmer for your hair with your beard if you're looking to do an all around cut. Example: trimming your whole beard with a size #3 guard.

There's a benefit to having a different dedicated beard trimmer. The 4 in 1 has several attachments suited for facial hair and you can step your beard game up by having this trimmer as your dedicated beard trimmer.

It's got a great vacuum attachment to top it off. Which is a quality of life feature that I think you'll get some joy out of.

Philips 7200 Electric Razor Vacuum

The Philips 7200 is a beard oriented vacuum razor. It comes with several attachments for your beard and is Philips answer to the vacuum market. Unfortunately the vacuum isn't as powerful as their competitors.

It's a good trimmer overall but it does fall short on this one key feature.

Why Choose One of the Alternatives?

Your main decision is how will you be using the trimmer? Is it for your hair mainly or will you be using it for facial hair grooming?

Our top recommendation is best suited for hair cuts. It's a more family oriented vacuum trimmer which is capable of beard grooming and maintenance. However, if your core goal is facial hair grooming you should go with one of the alternative options.

Both of our alternative options are better suited for beard grooming. I personally recommend having a trimmer for your hair and a different one for your beard. I just find it easier to groom when the trimmer comes with attachments suited for the area.

Before You Go!

I just quickly wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you're able to find an electric razor with vacuum that suits you. I hate that there aren't more great options out there and if I had to pick just one I would go with the Remington Vacuum haircut kit.

If all else fails you could stick to a stubble beard style.

If you have a vacuum trimmer and want to give some words of advice please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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