Electric Shave Before Or After Shower?

It's the grand debate. Should you electric shave before or after shower? You're here because you're wondering the same thing. Today's shavers come with the ability to wet or dry shave but that doesn't mean they excel at it.

So what should you be doing and how should you be shaving if you want the best shave?

electric shave before or after shower

Showering and Shaving

Having a shower and a shave have gone hand in hand for a long time. When it comes to electric shavers it's better to shave before you take a shower. If you're shaving with a safety razor or standard razor you would want to shave after your shower.

It boils down to the design of electric shavers. There's a protective barrier between the blade inside the shaver and your skin. This would be the metal foil that makes contact with your skin when you shave.

If you shave with wet hairs it makes it more difficult for your shaver to catch and cut hair. You can still wet shave with an electric shaver if you desire but it isn't going to be the better of the two shaves (wet/dry).

Where Do Electric Shavers Excel?

Electric shavers excel at dry shaving. They're designed to dry shave first and wet shave second. You're always going to get a better shave dry shaving with an electric shaver than using it any other way.

The reason behind this is because your hairs stand up when they're dry. This makes it easier for the shaver to catch the hairs between the metal barrier and blade.

Can You Wet Shave With Electric Shavers?

If you're an absolute fan of wet shaving you can wet shave with your electric shaver. It's not going to be the same as a safety razor or the same as dry shaving with an electric. The best way to describe it would be as being quicker than a safety razor but still not as close of a shave.

If you're focus is getting the best electric shaver for wet shaving then you'll want to look for a rotary shaver. Something like this Philips shaver would make a great electric wet shaver.

What's A Good Electric Shaver To Buy?

If you're going to be doing a lot of dry shaving you'll want a shaver like either this Braun shaver or this Panasonic shaver. Out of these two shavers you'll be able to choose either a higher end model with Braun that comes with a cleaning station and bells and whistles or a budget friendly option with the Panasonic.

Knowing Your Hair Type

Before you make a final decision on an electric shaver you need to know your hair type. Any electric shaver can dry shave and some do decent at wet shaving but you've got to pick either foil or rotary that matches your facial hair.

Foil Shavers - You should choose a foil shaver if your facial hair is thinner, straighter, and has a straight growth pattern. A foil shaver will shave best if you match most of these characteristics.

Rotary Shaver - You should choose a rotary shaver if your facial hair is thicker, curly, and has a circular growth pattern. A rotary shaver will shave best if you match most of thes characteristics.

Not everyone will meet all three traits perfectly but will lean mostly in one direction. Choosing the right type of electric shaver will make a huge difference on how effective that shaver is at cutting your hair.

Before You Go!

Hopefully you understand why you should electric shave before taking a shower now. I personally love a dry electric shave. They're just super convenient and quick to do compared to a normal shave. It makes a huge difference in my morning routine.

You should also alternate between normal shaves and electric shaves to give your skin a break from direct razor contact. If you have sensitive skin you'll find electric shavers to be a miracle device.

If you have any tips or suggestions in regards to electric shaver shaving please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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