Feather AS-D2 Review: The Untold Traits

In our Feather AS-D2 review we're going to cover all the features of this safety razor. While this is a very elegant razor is it worth the more expensive asking price? We hate unbiased reviews and you won't be getting that here.

We've done a ton of research on the Feather AS-D2 safety razor that you're going to be able to benefit from. We're going to break down the information and make sure you're well informed to know if this is the razor you should be buying or not.​

Know This About Any Safety Razor

A safety razor is a old school wet shaving art. I say it's an art because there's more work involved than with your modern day disposable razors. More of us are moving back to safety razors because we've awakened from the misleading marketing on modern razors. Do we really need a 5th blade on our razor?

The short answer is no, we don't need a 5th blade. You're going to get a much better shave with a safety razor and at a fraction of the price. If you're looking into the Feather AS-D2 you're probably a little more experienced and already know this. If so you might want to skip down to the detailed information on the AS-D2.

Either way here's some things to consider before making any safety razor purchase.​

Learn the Shave - In case you're new to the wet shaving game make sure you take a little time to learn how to properly wet shave. It isn't a hard skill to learn but something you'll need to master nonetheless.

DE Razor Blades - There's different razor blade options out there. You'll have to experiment and see which ones you prefer best. The main difference in the blades is how soft or hard they are which results in a different feeling shave.

There's a variety pack you can buy to test out the different blades. If you're unsure or haven't found your preferred blade then I high recommend that pack. You should be able to find something you really like in it and you're overall cost per blade is way down Vs modern razors.​

Quality Razor - I personally always prefer a quality product over a budget product. Mainly because I want my purchase to last a long time. Spending the extra money to get something that's going to last a long time is worth the extra investment. You get better craftsmanship, quality, and arguable a better shave.

Those are the three things I consider when looking into a safety razor. Some blades will perform slightly different in certain razors as well. You'll find your personal favorite combination and most people tend to stick to their first love for a long time.

There are some factors that will affect the 3 things I talked about. Things like the weight of the razor might change the way you wet shave slightly. Typically it's nothing you're going to have to sweat over.

Introducing the Feather AS-D2 Review

The Feather AS-D2 is a 3 piece safety razor. This means it comes apart in 3 different sections when taken apart. It breaks down into the handle, head base, and head cover. Your razor blade sits between the base and cover when you've loaded it.

The handle is very elegant and made with great craftsmanship. It had rings across the bottom and top of the handle. It's very easy to grip and handle. You can feel the quality of this safety razor right in the palm of your hands.

It weighs around 3.2oz​ which is enough to let the razor do the work when shaving. You won't need to apply any external pressure to get great results. You'll also get 10 free Feather blades with the Feather AS-D2.

Here's a good video if you're a more visual person:

This guy made a good video for the Feather AS-D2 and he goes about shaving with the razor. You'll hear him mention Uber Lather which is an absolute great leather. If you want to learn a little about Uber Lather we've got some information on it here.

Features & Benefits of This Safety Razor

We've covered a bit of what makes the Feather AS-D2 stand out and what makes it a great option. However it's time to dive into the dirty details of some of this safety razors traits and see how they effect you. We'll make sure to cover the con's as well so you can make a good decision.

Weight & Balance

When it comes to safety razors the weight and balance make a huge difference on your device. It's a major factor in the way you'll shave with it and the performance you'll get out of it. With this Feather razor it weighs in at around 3.2oz but its definitely not a lightweight razor.

This razor has a great weight to it. Its natural weight will have the pressure you need behind your shave so it'll be doing most of the work. The balance point is around 3/4 an inch below the headpiece.​ That's an ideal placement for moving the razor around and changing hands while you're shaving.

It's an a great razor to shave with. You can just feel the quality.​

The Grip

The handle on the AS-D2 looks like the common gritty handle textures you find on a lot of safety razors like the Merkur 34C. It's actually tiny cross sectional grooves that make small diamonds.

These diamonds have very great detail when examined closely. The end result being a pattern that has an amazing grip. You'll also notice 3 horizontal grooves at the top & bottom of the handle. Which help the balance and make it easy to find your hand placement.​

The Length

The AS-D2 razor comes in at 3.75 inches long. This is the middle ground for safety razor length. There's shorter & longer options available but at 3.75 inches the AS-D2 is usable by both small, average, and large hands.

It's a rather ideal length for a safety razor. While it's best for average sized hands it'll still be usable by the small & large hands out there in the world. A smart move by Feather if you ask me. Especially for a quality product in the higher price range.​


The head design on the AS-D2 is made to hold the razor blade in perfect position with no movement. An issue you'll have with cheaper safety razors. You don't realize how much you love this until you start using it.

Some review this razor as a mild aggressiveness. Mainly due to the amount of razor blade the head covers. Feather designed the head to cover more blade so you can use their most aggressive blades with no discomfort.​

Even so a lot of customer reviews acknowledge this razor to be more aggressive and requiring fewer passes on thick beards to cut right through it.​ It seems to be more of a personal opinion than the actual state of the razor. Reviews leave me leaning towards this razor falling something in the middle of mild to high aggression.

Pro Tip: The Feather AS-D2 is designed to be used at a 45 degree angle. The majority of other safety razors are a 30 degree shave. It's a more aggressive cutting angle and should be known to the wielder of this amazing razor.​

Blade Positioning

You'll position the blade in the Feather AS-D2 the same as any other 3 piece safety razor. You won't have any problems placing the blade and when you take this razor apart you'll really be able to admire the quality detail of this razor. Feather has really done a great job!

Always make sure to clean your safety razor regularly and you'll never have an issue out of it. Especially with one as high quality as this. It's a shaving piece that could quite literally last you a lifetime.​

feather as-d2 3 piece safety razor

What Do Other Think?

We've scoured the web for the wet shaving lovers that own the AS-D2. We've searched forums, websites, and e-commerce. Ultimately it has been an overwhelming positive review for this safety razor. The con's we've come across are few and far between. Some of those include the razor not being aggressive enough, but that was a rare occurrence.

Alternatives to the Feather AS-D2

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

No products found.

The Merkur Futur is a good alternative safety razor that's more affordable compared to the AS-D2. It's not as luxurious and doesn't have the bells & whistles, but it's an overall great safety razor.

If you're maybe a newer to wet shaving and don't want to fork out the price for an AS-D2 that would make the Merkur Futur an ideal alternative. Don't let that fool you into thinking it's a cheap safety razor because it's anything but low quality.

Many wet shaving enthusiasts ​choose Merkur Futur as their go to razor. I personally love the Matte finish and with the adjustable degree you can get a personalized level of aggressiveness.

Muhle R41 Grande Open Comb

No products found.

The Muhle R41 is a long handled safety razor that will be a good alternative for those with large hands. It's also a wider safety razor which makes it easier to grip if you've got large hands.

The Muhle brand is well known in the wet shave community and well respected. It's entirely chrome plated and made in Germany. It's a quality razor that you'll be satisfied with.

Baxter Double Edge Safety Razor

No products found.

The Baxter double edged safety razor is completely chrome plated and made in a 3 piece design. It's a quality razor at an affordable price. It's comparable to an Edwin Jagger if you're familiar with the brand.

This box comes in a stylish matte black and includes 5 free razor blades. Making it a great gift razor for friends and family.

The Baxter brand sells a lot of shaving & hair products with their own selection of barber shops. These guys mean business and are really experienced in this industry. I've been using their hair pomades for a long time now and love all their products.​

Is it the End All Be All?

I hope our Feather AS-D2 review was able to leave you with a deeper knowledge of this safety razor. It's an ideal razor for someone who wants a lifetime razor made of high quality and great craftsmanship. If taken care of your kids would be able to use this razor.

If you own this razor please let us know your favorite things about it by leaving a comment below. If there's anything you feel we left out please let us know!​

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