Foil or Rotary Shaver for Sensitive Skin?

Should you use a foil or rotary shaver for sensitive skin? The simple task of shaving can be a dreaded experience if you have sensitive skin. You don't want to be left with razor burn, skin irritation, or ingrown hairs. If you have acne or other skin conditions it only amplifies the issues with shaving.

Technology has evolved to a point where its made it easier to shave for those with sensitive skin. If you live with sensitive skin on a daily basis or it's a come and go state, using an electric shaver can help you.

foil or rotary shaver for sensitive skin

The Answer for Your Sensitive Skin

There's only two types of electric shavers and that's rotary and foil. Foil shavers consist of three to five horizontal metallic blades across the head. You shave in a straight motion while cutting facial hair. Rotary shavers consist of three small circular metallic shave heads and you move the shaver in small circles as you shave.

Foil shavers are the best option for sensitive skin.

Why Foil Shavers?

What makes foil shavers better for sensitive skin compared to rotary shavers is because you don't need to rotate the shaver on your skin. You can move in up and down motions while you have and it's less stressful to your skin.

Why Not Rotary Shavers?

Rotary shavers require you to move in small circular motions while you're shaving. The added pressure and movements only increase the likelihood of bothering your skin. If you can get away with using a foil shaver over a rotary shaver it will be better for your skin.

That being said any electric shaver is better for sensitive skin compared to using a razor blade. Depending on your facial hair type you may get a better shave with a rotary shaver. If that's the case you'll need to decide if your skin sensitive is extreme enough to use foil when rotary is more suitable to you or if you just need the best shaver for sensitive skin.

The Shaver For Your Facial Hair Type

Even if foil shavers are the best for sensitive skin it may not be the best type for you facial hair. This is where many people make a mistake in choosing an electric shaver. They choose the wrong type and then blame the shaver for not being adequate.

The tough decision you'll have to make is choosing between foil or rotary shavers for your skin if you happen to have facial hair more suitable with a rotary shaver.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary shavers perform best for people with thicker, curly, and circular growth facial hair. If you're an African American you'll likely get the best shave with a rotary shaver. If you choose to use a rotary shaver and have sensitive skin it's still better than a razor shave.

You may also want to try wet shaving with your rotary shaver. Using a shave gel can be the trick you need to get the best of both worlds. As long as your skin isn't product sensitive and the issue stems more from blade contact.

Foil Shavers

Foil shavers perform best for people with thinner, straight, and straighter growth patterns. If you're lucky enough to be suitable for a foil shaver and have sensitive skin then congratulations. You don't have to stress as much over what type of shaver to use but I would recommend getting a good quality foil shaver like the Braun Series 9.

Are Foil Shavers Better Than Rotary?

This question actually comes up frequently. The answer is neither one of the shavers are better than the other. If you're comparing only shaver to shaver then one type isn't better than the other.

The only thing that makes one better for an individual over the other is their facial hair type. As I covered above different facial hair types are better suited for different shavers. So, don't get all tied up because your friend told you foil shavers or rotary shavers are the best.

Just pick the type that's going to best for your facial hair and skin. The only area foil shavers are better than rotary shavers are when it comes down to sensitive skin. Foil shavers are slightly better in that area.

Are Electric Shavers Good for Sensitive Skin?

Using an electric shaver no matter which type is better for sensitive skin. Electric shavers don't cut as close as a manual razor. There will be a small amount of hair left behind when using electric shavers but it's typically only noticeable by you. Since they don't scrape across your skin it makes them far superior for sensitive skin.

Electric Razor or Bladed Razor

I recommend owning both an electric shaver and a manual bladed razor. Sometimes you're just going to need a wet shave with your manual razor so they're always good to have around. Electric shavers are designed to be more convenient. You can get a good dry shave very quickly and be out the door sooner with your electric razor.

My recommendation would be to use your electric shaver the majority of the time. It's going to be much better for your sensitive skin and you can't beat the level of convenience it provides to your routine.

When you need a bladed shave...

When You Need A Bladed Shave

If you need a bladed shave and you've got sensitive skin you can make some choices that'll help. The biggest thing you can do is use a safety razor instead of a cartridge razor. Safety razors aren't going to be as good as an electric shaver for your skin but they're way better than any cartridge razor.

Cartridge razors have multiple blades that go across your skin with every stroke. These extra blades add up to skin problems for someone with sensitive skin. You don't need all the blades they try to sell to you.

Safety razors have a single blade and you'll actually get a better shave. If you're not familiar with safety razors it may be difficult to imagine them being better than a modern cartridge razor but I can assure you they are.

Each stroke from a safety razor only runs one blade over the skin. This gives you more control over your shave and you're much less likely to experience skin irritation. There's a small learning curve to learn to shave with a safety razor but it's not difficult and you'll master it in no time.

Before You Go!

So, foil or rotary shaver for sensitive skin? Hopefully you were lucky enough to line up for the foil shaver but if not you'll have to decide between the two for your shaving routine. Make the decision based off how severe your sensitive skin is.

If you have any tips or suggestions for those with sensitive skin and it relates to using electric shavers please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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